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View the solutions, services and product portfolio of SISCO Group

COREations stands as a trusted partner for businesses seeking a competitive edge in today's dynamic market. With a focus on delivering tailored solutions, COREations excels in software development, digital marketing, and business solutions.Visit to explore the comprehensive suite of services that position COREations as a catalyst for success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

SanaTech GS offers a wide range of services and solutions in Software Applications.Eighty percent of all systems installed today are comprised of multi-vendor components. The ability to produce custom configurations is often required and a service element is necessary to provide end-user training, ongoing operations, and maintenance of the delivered system.SanaTech GS specializes in bringing together your component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together. We have the project management expertise, tools, and training skills to deliver complete solutions to our customers.

DBS Egypt is an integrated information technology and services solutions provider that offers a wide range of IT solutions to various industry segments. Their services include servers, storage, networking, virtualization, security solutions, printing a...

SystemX is a company that provides IT services and consulting, including cloud-based solutions, ERP consultation, IT outsourcing, software and web applications, and system integration.

3S is a leading technology company that delivers complete smart solutions that cover all your company needs. All our business relationships - whether with staff, clients, or end users - are partnerships. A partnership mindset means we not only value the people we work with, we value what they valueWE WANT TO HELP SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES SCALE EASILY AND AFFORDABLY.Now we are a 3CX Silver Certified Partner.? BUSINESS APPLICATIONS (ERP, CRM, POS ...)? VIDEO CONFERENCING SOLUTIONS? NETWORKING SOLUTIONS? CLOUD COMPUTING

SCADAA Tech is a company that provides information security and data analysis services. They specialize in securing information on the internet and using the latest standards for individual and corporate security. They also offer data analysis services...

ITSworks is a company that provides web hosting and website design services in Egypt, with a focus on attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Fixed Solutions is an IT company that provides information security, IT outsourcing, software development, penetration testing, and Linux services in Egypt. They offer security consultation services and solutions by experts to meet your needs, includin...

EGPIXEL is a company that offers a variety of digital solutions including web services, digital audio recording, software development, and electronic systems.

Since 2005, Innovation Enterprise for Technology (IET) has been committed to providing and delivering enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) and a range of professional services so our partners can gain a significant competitive advantage and an exceptional return on investment. IET creates customized open-source ERP systems that satisfy customers business needs and add value to their businesses using an integrated set of tools based on Odoo and other technologies. You can leverage IET's profound experience and knowledge to empower your organization with flexible capabilities that improve operations, accelerate growth, and build a real firm success story.Our Solutions: - IET manufacturing management cloud software - Advanced eCommerce and ERP - Inventory and fulfillment management - IET in-store sales management cloud software - IET team collaboration applications - IET all-in-one eCommerce business suiteOur Services : - eCommerce Consulting ...

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View the solutions, services and product portfolio of KIT Solutions

TechnoBuilders offers ERP solutions for automating business processes powered by ERPNext for Small and Medium Size enterprizes contributing to aimed digital transformation for better performance and productivity of our customers' business. TechnoBuilders complements its ERP service solutions with the necessary IT infrastructure in terms of hardware, networks, and security solutions to protect customers' platforms and its hosted valuable data. We care more for quality of service and customer satisfaction.

In Software Department , We providing outsourcing custom software design and development as well as system integration services to our clients. Our teams provides custom and turn-key solutions for custom software development , mobile applications , ...

EGYsystems aims to make a strong impact on the Digital Services by a professional expert team providing wide services with strong focus on service quality and client satisfaction. We offers a wide variety of services that will help in conducting the...

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We are a company specializing in web solutions and digital marketing , small but powerful development that is born under the concept of providing services and products that meet existing expectations. Our team combines to define, produce and develop y...

bedab software providing a wide range of solutions , products & services , full solution portfolio of Hospital & Medical , ERP , Fulle Retail Management system ,E-Commerce , CAFM , CMS , Queuing , Wego Platorm , Resturants & coffeshops management syste...

ACS is mainly involved in developing and marketing software packages and system integration. Tel : (202) 3304 8924 - (202) 3346 025 Fax : (202) 3347 2521

Located in Egypt, Softex Software House aims to develop and provide online cloud based business software systems for the middle east and Africa. Since 2004

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Aseel Technology Solutions

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