Find information about Spiceworks, a community for IT professionals and engage in relevant discussions and find local meetups.

Spiceworks has been around since 2006 and its main mission was to build a community for IT professionals to share content, start discussions and find a local meetup. In the past years the company has also launched various software tools and applications like help desk software, monitoring, asset management, networking and IT security tools.

On the other hand, Elioplus is a global IT network enabling businesses to engage into new partnerships and collaborate. The primary purpose is to help businesses create partner ecosystems while offering the tools to manage these relationships and automate all the aspects around partnerships from reporting to channel sales enablement. Read below about our Partner-to-Partner capability that allows channel companies to collaborate and win more deals and the Partner Relationship Management software that helps channel partners to manage multiple vendors.

Partner-to-Partner Network

Partner-to-Partner is a great way to provide your partners with new leads to increase their sales and get them incentivized. This feature allows channel partners to share and receive deals based on product category, location and technology. Since your PRM sits on top of our network your partners will have access to relevant deals coming from thousands of other channel companies.

For example, a channel company that has a potential client but don’t focus on that specific industry or market can upload this deal on the P2P network to find a partner and collaborate to close successfully the deal. This can be a one-off collaboration or a long-term partnership.

In addition, Elioplus ranks for various industry keywords and attracts many leads that can be relevant to your channel partners. These deals are uploaded as well to our P2P tool and your partners can have access and receive leads based on their product portfolio and location.

Partner Relationship Management

Unlike other PRM software tools in the market the Elioplus PRM helps channel companies to manage and automate all their tech partnerships from a single dashboard. A channel company can simply switch between vendors and use the same partner portal to send deal registration requests, receive leads and documents, collaborate and add the company to all partner locators in order to receive relevant leads. A channel company can join unlimited tech partners and also integrate with their CRM to automate the deal registration process and manage their leads better.

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