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Bluefire Redteam

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Bluefire Redteam is a cybersecurity company that provides services to businesses and organizations to help them protect their digital assets from cyber threats. The company offers a range of services, including Redteam assessments, Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for web, mobile, network and cloud assets, secure code review, V-CISO, Threat modelling, and SOC as a Service.We were recently featured as Silicon India's Top Pentesting Startups in 2023.We at Bluefire Redteam work very closely with our clients to provide out-of-the-box security solutions to ensure overall security. We believe in curating methodologically driven services which are performed by skilled teammates. Our SMEs at Bluefire Redteam recommend the best continuous security solutions to our clients that might impact their business if not implemented and a foothold is gained by an attacker. Not every engagement is a penetration test or red team exercise; we recommend to-the-point solutions tha ...

Adalites Infotech Solutions stands as the top IT service provider in KSA and the Middle East, offering a wide range of IT solutions that empower your organization to thrive in the digital age. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and security, we are your trusted partner in achieving your IT goals.For all your IT needs, choose Adalites Infotech Solutions and experience the future of technology today.We have a team of certified and experienced IT professionals who can help you with any IT challenge you may face. With a strong focus on IT infrastructure, Datacenter solutions, Networking, Email Migration, Microsoft Licenses, Servers & Security Equipment's Forescout, Email Migration, Cybersecurity, Compliance & GRC solutions , Penetration testing, & Vulnerability assessment, Adalites is your trusted partner for seamless IT integration and innovation.

K2 Informatics is a company that provides tailor-made cybersecurity solutions with ten unique features. They specialize in delivering effective IT solutions for various industries, including the maritime sector. Their services include cybersecurity, IT...

Cylresc is a company specialized in cybersecurity. Anticipate hacking risks and protect your sensitive data with the help of our team of specialists. We offer IT services and consulting, penetration testing, code audits, architecture audits, configurat...

SKOVVY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY is an IT consulting, services, and solutions provider that empowers businesses to optimize their operations and achieve their objectives through technology. We have operations in US, UK, UAE and India and offering Managed Service to our customers to manage end to end of their IT service. Our focus is towards Zero touch IT (ZTIT) services where us we automate all the services and ensure secure and risk free services to our customers.

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of CATINOV

Cywolf Solutions is a global company that specializes in providing comprehensive security services for automation, transformation, and cybersecurity for IT & OT. With a strong focus on Compliance Management, we are actively engaged in Asia and the Midd...

HackStack is a pentesting services company offering a streamlined modern approach to help safeguard your digital fortress.With HackStack's pentesters, development teams finally can ditch archaic methods and incorporate security bug reports into their sprints in a trusted, agile-friendly approach!We perform your quarterly penetration tests, filter false positive bug bounty reports, and streamline it to your preferred ticketing platform - Jira, Notion, ClickUp, and even traditional Word / PDF report. See more at

Attineos is a French digital services company that specializes in custom web and mobile application development, business intelligence, and innovation. They provide consulting, engineering, and development services to clients in various industries.

BUI is an award-winning IT consultancy and Microsoft Partner delivering Microsoft solutions with a focus on security, specialized cloud services, and data center support to mid-market and enterprise-level customers.

InfoSecurity People is a new breed of security provider that’s focused on resolving the security challenges facing small to medium enterprises in today’s ever-changing security threat landscape. Our Secure endpoint solution remotely monitors your endpo...

Grupo Oruss, innovation and cybersecurity in perfect harmony to safeguard your present and ensure your future. We are experts in ethical hacking, pentesting and other cybersecurity arts, offering a range of computer security tests and analysis that ranges from application auditing (web, mobile, API), to social engineering.Our value proposition goes further by incorporating Extended Cybersecurity, a comprehensive strategy that includes risk management and regulatory compliance with standards such as ISO, GDPR, ISO 27001 – 27005, PCI, among others, guaranteeing not only the protection of your technology, but also the effectiveness of your implemented processes. At Grupo Oruss, we support you today so that you can prosper tomorrow.The Grupo Oruss team strives to generate clear and detailed reports, presenting useful information to those involved in the assurance process, obtaining valuable information for your team and supporting increased levels of cybersecurity in your organiza ...

Purple Triangle Ltd is an IT and Telecoms support company based in the Midlands, serving companies and charities in the East and West Midlands areas. They provide IT services, IT consulting, managed IT services, VoIP services, and data recovery. They h...

Atlas Cloud is a UK-based provider of managed IT services with a research-led approach. They specialize in IT for recruitment agencies and offer a range of services, including cyber security, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Azure.

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Superfast IT

D2NA is a cyber security and digital transformation company that provides technical expertise to build end-to-end protection and help organizations strengthen their cyber security and reduce risks through excellent cyber security services.

Baseline IT is a leading cyber security company that offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure the high-quality defense of access to your company's critical information.

Simple Networks is a relaible and efficient supplier of Kuwes Cabling Material, Toten Server and Network Cabinets and Optical Fiber Gear

iTechs Egypt is a technological solutions company that offers a wide variety of smart services from smart cities, IoT, artificial intelligence, hologram screens and monitors, and infrastructure systems.

Netsafe AG is an innovative Information, Technology and Services company located in St. Gallen (Switzerland) that offers a wide range of customized IT solutions, including IT business consulting, project guidance, infrastructure, service and system man...

cyllective is a privately held 'security boutique' with exquisite quality, highest customer satisfaction and community engagements as our primary focus. cyllective AG is an independent consulting and engineering firm in the IT security sector. With a s...

Data Pie Cybersecurity is a Swiss company that specializes in comprehensive cybersecurity, IT security, security audits, and data protection.

Protect7 is a company that specializes in application security, providing services such as source code reviews and penetration testing to ensure the security of their clients' software. They offer expertise in secure software development and a range of...

ConServ is a certified IT solutions and services company that provides IT consulting, education solutions, application and software development solutions, data science solutions, digital transformation solutions, service lifecycle solutions, ICT system...

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Compass Security

Innovative Frequency Ltd. (ife) is a leading IT system integrator that specializes in providing enterprise security solutions, core infrastructure and IT services, mobility and performance management solutions.

CyShield is a digital services company that specializes in AI, Cyber Security, Data Science, IoT and Software Engineering. They work with large companies including financial, media, healthcare and governmental organizations.

Stratus Security is a reputable cybersecurity consultancy dedicated to safeguarding businesses against digital threats. Our diverse service offerings encompass penetration testing, bespoke security services, and cybersecurity strategy development. With a team of seasoned experts, Stratus Security provides comprehensive solutions to fortify your business against evolving cybersecurity challenges. Our mission is to deliver superior protection, ensuring uninterrupted business operations and fortified digital landscapes.

TechDefence is an award-winning ethical hacking and information security training and consulting company that offers comprehensive and meticulously drafted approaches towards information security consultancy, ethical hacking, cybercrime investigations,...

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Ollitec

ITNB AG is a cybersecurity company that offers advanced solutions and services to defend businesses against cyber threats. Their services include Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), Security Operation Centre as a Service (SOCaaS), and Project Manageme...

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Drivesec

Consulenti Privacy Torino is a team of privacy officers and professionals who provide privacy consulting and IT security services. They assist companies in transitioning to the application of the new European privacy regulation (GDPR) by analyzing data...

Secure Network is a penetration testing and security assessment company based in Milan and operating worldwide. They offer specialized services to assess the security of your systems and support you in the protection of your core businesses.

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Security Solutions Consultants Srl

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Advanta Consulting Sagl

Linkspirit is a company that provides IT security consulting services to protect businesses' digital assets with competence, professionalism, and experience.

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Security Lab SA

Cyberto is a company that specializes in cybersecurity and computer and network security. They provide solutions for evaluating vulnerabilities, advanced and intelligent device protection, security solutions, and risk management.

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