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DocSpera is a complimentary value-add web & mobile software App that simplifies coordination across the end-to-end surgical case continuum that can be accessed on any device or screen. We launched DocSpera to give extended care teams that sit across multiple institutions, departments and geographies, an easy to use HIPAA-compliant communication platform for streamlining the collaboration required to deliver the highest level of patient care in complex cases.”

Please see the following Video Demonstration link (click on Video button at the top of the web page)

Immediate notifications to the entire Care/Surgical Team with changes and case updates are made at Practice EMR.

Eliminate tracking Team members down by faxes, email , or phone calls.

Easily coordinate outside Practice, including Medical Reps.


Benefits in working with DocSpera:

DocSpera can greatly enhance and diversify Partner's current portfolio.

DocSpera will be complimentary to Partner's Portfolio.

DocSpera to support with regular training and updates, Marketing campaigns, technical expertise and assist in product demonstrations / demonstrations.

DocSpera Brings added profits and recurring revenue.


Experience calling on Physicians / Surgeons, familiar with healthcare industry

Large and loyal customer base.

Comfortable with Software technology.

Have a wide marketing reach.

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