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The future of technology is in AI And Deep Machine Learning. ARMATURE is designed to bridge that gap from taking your current data set and shaping your data into a manner to capitalize on the AI wave to come. We provide a smooth transition from your current system to ours because the system can be configured to your language, processes and proven ways of success, while automatically structuring that data in formats that connect with AI and Deep-machine learning applications . Our motto is built by ARMATURE, configured by you. If you want to take your operational effectiveness to the next level, ARMATURE is here to help. Our next-generation workflow management platform supports organizations along the full spectrum of standards: those that develop them, those that enforce them, and those that apply them to create exceptional products and services. Whether you’re stuck in paper and spreadsheets or using software that misses the mark, ARMATURE meets you where you are — and then takes you to new heights.


ARMATURE is beginning its partnership program in 2019. We are willing to work with companies who provide that same values of inspiration, achievement, freedom and integrity. We understand the value of a partnership and are agile enough to engage in multiple partnership opportunities including value added re-sellers, system integrator, API programs and other partnership engagements.

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