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DevOpsTech Solutions is expert in DevOps automation, Software build and release management, IT infrastructure services and cloud consulting services. We have expertise in continuous delivery pipelines for complex applications and workloads.

We offer below services

1. Cloud Consulting

2. Cloud Migrations

3. Build and Release Management

4. Containerization

5. Continuous Integration and Deployment

6. Centralized logging solution and analytics.

7. Monitoring and DR setups.


We are looking to expand our channel partners.

We are also looking to tie-up with companies who are offering tools in the Cloud, containers or build release/management area.

Company Information

Industry: E-Commerce, Enterprise, Network/Hosting, Software
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Market specialisation: Small office - home office: SOHO (B2B), Small & mid-sized businesses (B2B), Enterprise (B2B)
Partner program: Reseller, System Integrator, Service Provider
API: Business Services
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Address: F-119, Nano Wing, Sector - 30, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
Phone: + 91 -

Registration date: 19/02/2018

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