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DeskAlerts provides corporate communications solutions for organizations worldwide. Our software allows for multiple notification options including Desktop pop-up window, desktop ticker, corporate screensaver, email notifications, digital signage, SMS and mobile solutions all at once and in one click.


hree tiers

- Platinum – Highest support, highest margin (up t0 40%)

- Gold – Med support, medium margin (up to 30%)

- Authorized – Basic support, low margin (15%)

Determined by commitment level

- By sales volume

- By level of training/certification

- By ability to generate leads and support customers

DeskAlerts Partner Program Benefits

Lead assignment & Sales Assistance

Deal Registration

Register your major deals to obtain pre-sales volume discounts and special account exclusivity.

Volume Discount

Back-end rebates available for achieving volume requirements. Higher authorization levels receive greater discounts.

Not For Resale units

NFR units are available at a significant discount to Partners and their employees, allowing you to benefit from DeskAlerts products at company

Joint Promotions

Participate in joint regional promotions including promotional e-mails, ads, events, etc.

Effective Communications

Monthly newsletter and e-mails

This is not spam, but valuable information requested by our partners. Includes special announcements,

Partner program contacts

You can talk to the Partner Program Manager if you need to know anything about the Partner Program, have any problems or suggestions

On-line Portal Resource

Market information

Learn market trends to determine which verticals to target, what they prefer and more.

Sales Tools

Proposal, PDF presentation, online demo video presentation, free trial, quotation calculator

Personalized portal

View all your rebates, leads, registered accounts and personal information within your own personalized portal.

Tech & Sales Support & Training

FREE Training

Get up to speed on the product, sales approach and installation within the self-paced FREE training. Many of these feature streaming video. As close as possible to on-site training.

Reseller Tech Support

Enhanced support for you and your client

Company Information

Industry: Communications, Enterprise, Software
Premium account feature
Market specialisation: Small & mid-sized businesses (B2B), Enterprise (B2B)
Partner program: Reseller, Value Added Reseller (VAR), Distributor, Service Provider
API: Business Services
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Address: 901 N PITT ST., STE 325, ALEXANDRIA VA 22314 EIN 26-2351700
Phone: + 1 - 7038813166

Registration date: 25/02/2016

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