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We were two groups with a diverse background. One, with over 15 years of experience in over-all management and co-ordination of large-scale drilling operations and projects, from Geo-technical drilling applications to Mineral Exploration drilling. Another with broad experience in large software development projects, specializing in systems software and web applications.

The idea was also simple : "Lets join forces"

K&A Epimetron Ltd was established in 2012, with its main focus being the development of technical software directly targeted for the Drilling Industry. Our strategic approach consists of introducing innovation to daily practice, whilst our vision is to provide you the most intuitive, innovative, robust software platform, that encompasses the needs of today's drilling operations.


With Symmetric you can access your Geo-technical data anywhere, anytime wherever your operations maybe. In Real time you have on-line Drilling Management. Symmetric allows you to :

Have a drastic reduction in the time and money required to record, process and measure all of your data for drilling operations.

Define, measure and analyse your data, to better enable you to make more informed decisions for operational improvements and performance. Monitor and control all aspects of your drilling operations.

Work as a team on the same or different projects. Increase productivity and eliminate risks related to data. Respond to operational issues as they arise.

Encompass a holistic approach. You have one unified environment for your operational data and reporting requirements : Operational, Machinery Management and Personnel Management. Eliminating the need to run multiple tools and reporting products within your organisation.

Take advantage of modern, secure Cloud based software. No need for licenses and expensive server or software upgrades to store your data.

Generate your reports immediately, by simply clicking a button. Reports are downloaded and available in Microsoft Excel Format for you.

Control your data, your way. You are in control on whom can enter, edit, and validate your important operational data. From single rig operations to multiple rig operations.

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Industry: Software
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Website: http://www.epimetron.com
Address: 36 Chalkokondili street, Athens 10432,
Phone: + 30 - 2106403035

Registration date: 20/05/2016

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