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LimeTech is specialized in development and production of solutions that improve customer service quality. We offer high quality and tested products and solutions that enable our clients to achieve excellence in service. The company was established in 2008 and currently, it is the leading company in the market due to its innovative solutions.


Our core products:

Queuing management system

QMS is genuine solution to organize and manage customer flows, control customer service processes, collect statistics, extract reports and increase customer service efficiency. Our clients have reported significant increase in customer satisfaction after installation of queuing management systems. We provide user-adapted hardware, software and mobile solutions. In addition to this we carry out the product installation and testing, conduct trainings for the staff and improve the solution, based on clients’ needs.


Information kiosk

The information kiosk is designed for providing information to the customers and visitors in an easy, comfortable and accessible way. Through interactive touch screen monitors businesses can provide any information about their products services, also display maps, guidelines and advertisement.


Electronic payment terminal

The electronic payment terminal is designed for automation of cash inflows of company and reduction of employee workload. It enables to save time, reduce costs, increase conversion rate and increase the revenue, so that the customer service becomes more confortable and quicker. We provide fully equipped payment terminal with user friendly interface and advanced software solutions.

Customer feedback solution

This solution is designed for receiving and analyzing customer feedback. Due to this solutions you can increase customer engagement and improve customer service. We suggest you feedback console, e-terminal and full statistics. In order to increase the efficiency the feedback solution can be incorporated with Queuing management system and Information kiosk.

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Industry: Advertising/Marketing, Enterprise, Hardware, Software
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Market specialisation: Small & mid-sized businesses (B2B), Enterprise (B2B)
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Address: N. Zaryan 73/1, Yerevan 0012, RA
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Registration date: 26/12/2014

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