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JustCall is an anytime, anywhere, any device phone system for your sales and support teams. It takes seconds to get phone numbers in 58 countries and start making or receiving calls.


Demand for Cloud Telephony & Workflow automation is growing at an accelerated pace so partnering with us will allow you to become a part of a growing industry with great growth opportunities.

About Affiliate Partner Program:

What is JustCall?

JustCall is a cloud phone system for sales and support teams. Your agents to make, receive, track and record phone calls directly from web, mobile or the CRM/Helpdesk tool they use. All the phone calls and text messages get automatically logged in the CRM or Helpdesk that you use.

What is the key value proposition here?

Using JustCall, managers can track calling activities & performance of their agents. Support teams can easily distribute phone calls among team members to provide better service & improve customer happiness. Sales reps can make more phone calls by automatically logging all phone calls in the CRM. On an average, a sales person spends 30 seconds to 2 minutes after every call to log the call in the CRM. So, JustCall saves 100s of hours every month.

Moreover, JustCall is a preferred technology partner for dozens of popular CRM and Helpdesk companies. Here is the list of all our integrations.

What help & support will I get from JustCall team?

We consider our affiliates as our own team members. So, you will have direct access to our team members to discuss ideas and get answers to your queries. We also conduct frequent training sessions to help you get better & better at providing cloud telephony solutions to businesses. Apart from this, you will also get early access to all the new features & products that we ship.

You can always write to us at partner@justcall.io.

What will be the sales process? How it works?

Once you join us as an affiliate, you will get a unique referral link. Send leads to JustCall using that unique referral link. We will keep the cookie for 45 days & if the lead signs up within 45 days of referral, it will get logged under you and you will get commission cut for whatever this lead pays JustCall from there on in subscription fees.

JustCall Sales Team will take care of the deal closing and JustCall Support Team will make sure that referred user stays with us for longest possible period.

So, you just have to refer users to JustCall & we will take care of the rest. Payments will be approved on weekly basis.

How much will I earn as a JustCall Affiliate Partner?

Our pricing is pretty straight forward and our commission structure is transparent – 20% cut & recurring. So,if you refer 20 businesses with team size of 10 each, you will earn up to $2000 per month. In the nutshell, your earning potential is unlimited.

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