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Selera Labs is passionate about ERP data matching and continuous controls monitoring. Our Data Ignition platform applies enterprise search and data analytics to solve data quality and data compliance challenges for large organisations. Our technology powers sophisticated and nuanced solutions that deliver more ‘true positive’ results while significantly reducing the amount of ‘false positive’ noise. We build focused, low friction solutions that are easy to deploy - enabling our customers world-class continuous monitoring of their business data.

Data Ignition is a platform for data quality applications that use search and data analytics to deliver actionable insight on record-level problems in enterprise data. Data Ignition solutions detect individual problem records in large datasets and provide immediately understandable explanations for them allowing business users to quickly assess potential exceptions and take any necessary action.

The Data Ignition back-end provides a unique next-generation processing architecture that simplifies the coordination of very sophisticated and nuanced detection logic. Compared to existing approaches, Data Ignition solutions detect more ‘true positive’ results while producing significantly less ‘false positive’ noise. This means customers find business value a lot more quickly, and spend less wasted time reviewing unnecessary false alarms.

The Data Ignition front-end is aimed at business users and raises the bar in providing a rich, engaging experience that allows staff to quickly understand all of the related factors that contribute to a potential exception.

Data Ignition is a model-driven general platform that can be used for a wide variety of data quality challenges including Duplicate Detection, Transaction Analysis, Data Quality and Continuous Controls Monitoring. Data Ignition is being used to solve these types of challenges in the following areas:

• Addresses

• Customers

• Suppliers

• Materials

• Spend Classification

• Payroll

• HR

• Corporate Cards

• Accounts Payable

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