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Country: Australia


Appenate is a "low-code, rapid app creation framework" - effectively we provide components and tools to our customers that they use to build apps from scratch.

Our framework is 100% focused on "worker-facing" apps for businesses.

Partner Program Description:

"Low Code" aspect involves a wide range of abilities for our app creators:

- Each screen of the app is designed and built by the creators

- Show/Hide fields and whole Screens based on formula logic

- Perform calculations - e.g. order totals, scoring, custom outputs etc

- Printing code to create PDFs on device with no internet connection

- Flow of apps - so button events, "on scan" events, respond to user interactions

- Query datasets - write their own filters, aggregate functions (COUNT etc)

- Update / Insert data into datasets

- Conditional logic to change text displayed, colours etc



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Enterprise (B2B)

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282 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia

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