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Euratlas - Nόssli is a Swiss business specialist in historical digital cartography.

Our head office: Euratlas-Nüssli, rue du Milieu 30, 1400 Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

Voice: +41 24 42613 50

Our Federal Commercial Registery Office number is CH- 550-1041354-9

You will find in our stock, the different versions of the Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe, several digitized antique maps and the Euratlas Georeferenced Historical Vector Data covering 2000 years of European history.


The online Euratlas Shop sells historical cartography programs and maps. You will find here educational software like historical atlases and digital resources for students, teachers, genealogists, scholars, journalists or graphic designers.

Euratlas Periodis Web shows the history of Europe through a sequence of 21 historical maps, every map depicting the political situation at the end of each century.

Here, on the left, are 21 mini-maps giving access to 21 full maps and to 84 quarters of maps with more detailed views of the states, provinces and main cities.

Moreover, each map offers a historical gazetteer. Thus you can highlight in red each sovereign state and in green each dependent entity.

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Address: Milieu 30
Phone: + 41 - 244261350

Registration date: 05/03/2015

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