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Seasoned Pro's diagnose & solve problems, provide training, add expertise, manage your projects, speed process improvement, & facilitate change management.

Our Passions and Experience are in Three Areas:

1.) Project (or Program) Management Consulting of any size project or operations area, favorites include critical project start-up, process improvement, and troubled project recovery.

Clients call when they want both project management and a lot of process improvement in their processes in a short time. They also call when they are overloaded and need an experienced professional or a small team to concentrate on a particular project.

2.) Training in PM, Business Analysis, and Leadership around the skills needed to achieve best practices in their processes and operations.

Clients call when they don’t know exactly what they want or how to achieve their goals, but they feel process improvement will help. We help them crystallize their goals and the types of change they are ready for, customize training (or they attend open enrollment), and do their follow-through so they get lasting results.

3.) Interim Executive: COO/CIO, PMO VP, Managing Director, etc. for troubled, start-up, nonprofit, or other organizations facing a big challenge – organize, apply best practices, train, and turnover to permanent management. We focus on cost savings (especially using tech…), process improvement including marketing and the sales processes, and people.

Clients call when their organization is in a period of high change or stress and they need to concentrate on their core functions.

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Market specialisation: Consumers (B2C), Small office - home office: SOHO (B2B), Small & mid-sized businesses (B2B), Enterprise (B2B)
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