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eConscribi eRecruitment - a new and unique disruptive way of offering SaaS eRecruitment solutions via subscription plans to startups, SMEs as well as large private and public enterprises.

eConscribi develops pioneering e-recruitment solutions that offer out-of-the-box, ready-to-use, end-to-end SaaS capabilities to clients desiring efficient, flexible recruitment tools. With approx. 130K American companies staffed with 100+ employees and 110K such companies in the EU, and with 60% of these companies still relying on email and spreadsheets for their recruiting efforts, the possibilities for eConscribi’s powerful, versatile solutions suite are almost endless.

eConscribi eRecruitment is the market’s most modern, flexible and configurable SaaS e-recruitment solution.

It’s no secret: studies have shown that processing applications electronically saves time and money, while increasing the professionalism with which your applicants are handled.

eConscribi eRecruitment is at the forefront of electronic application processing. We efficiently manage the entire recruitment process, from the moment you first identify a staffing need to approving the chosen candidate.

eConscribi eRecruitment offers many advantages, including:

Flexibility: With eConscribi eRecruitment, your company’s individual departments can select the recruitment strategy that works best for them. Whether it’s a centralized, decentralized or combined recruitment configuration, each department can rest easy knowing they’ve got the ideal plan in place.

Adaptability: eConscribi eRecruitment comes with a “ready-to-use” setup – but that’s just the beginning. Every eConscribi eRecruitment component is configurable, meaning you can create the perfect solution for your company; one that gels seamlessly with your business processes.

Global reach: eConscribi eRecruitment transcends borders. We’re focused on the international market and our solution will soon be available in all major languages.

eConscribi eRecruitment is poised to revolutionize the way that companies of all shapes and sizes approach applicant processing.


As a Business Partner, you’ll gain the following advantages:

The right to sell eConscribi’s solutions in your local market.

Up-to-the-minute English-language marketing materials (brochures, flyers, product sell sheets, etc.). Also, we’ll help you create materials that specifically target your market.

A steady revenue stream with a very attractive earnings split.

24/7 support during the entire sales process.

Business Partner conferences where you can meet and interact with other eConscribi Business Partners.

Access to a world-class Service Desk to help maximize your sales efforts when the eConscribi eRecruitment orders start rolling in!

We handle the development, hosting and continuous updating of our solutions to ensure our Business Partners are privy to the most cutting-edge eRecruitment solutions. After all, your success is our success!

Ready to get started?

Please contact Bjorn von Herbst, CEO, at +45 70 22 83 15 for more information!

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