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SentryCom is developing Software Services to help Internet users to securely interact with other people and online services in order to access Web or Mobile App. or IoT device, transfer money, buy goods online , share confidential files or post important information. The compromise between security and convenience is no longer necessary.If you want to protect your critical assets - please consider using Sentrycs Mobile and Sentrycs Data.

Sentrycs Data allows to securely backup your critical data on Public Cloud (Google Drive , One Drive or DropBox) in full privacy and thus preventing the potential damage from ransomware attacks.


Sentrycs Data is SaaS , using desktop-based Control Panel , enabling Online Data Privacy and Data Integrity , specifically targeted for SMEs and individuals , requiring zero integration with any Infrastructure. Competition requires integration with Enterprise Active Directory (unacceptable for SMEs , individuals) or using insecure Social Networks (Facebook , Google). See our presentation at :

This SaaS allows to share any kind of files, any way you prefer , using Email , File-sharing site , Cloud Storage or Social Media.

Sentrycs Data is Cloud-Based SaaS for Identification and Keys-Authorization , serving

"Good Guys", enabling their Un-Structured Data Privacy and Integrity, allowing:

• Total Privacy - the file shared by you will be accessible only by persons pre-authorised by you . Specifically neither your Internet Service Provider nor Sentrycs Data Provider can not access these file without your knowledge.

• Turn your Public Cloud storage/file-sharing into Private and save!

• Turn your Facebook or other social media into Private Network.

• Legally sign your files while keeping them private.

• Digitally sign your press release / public broadcast messages and post it into social media , while protecting the data integrity.

• Use Sentrycs Data with DropBox to create Private Disaster Recovery Storage .

• Use Sentrycs Data to seal and backup your BitCoin wallet.

• Use Sentrycs Data to seal and protect your Password Manager desktop app.

Sentrycs Data is Identity&Key Management-as-a Service -is the ultimate enabler of Data Privacy and Data Integrity, allowing to exchange confidential files in full privacy with anybody ,anywhere , anyway and to ensure integrity of these files by digital-signature and time-stamping.The major benefit of Sentrycs Data is that file shared by any user may be accessible only by persons pre-authorized by this user.

We offer to resellers and distributors an opportunity to get 30% commission.

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