Best 3D CAD software vendors offering a partner program

The introduction of 3D CAD had a swiping effect in the end-use industries and the way many products are designed. 3D modelling is being used in several industries from films and animations to architectures and clothing. Most industries are transitioning from 2D CAD to 3D CAD as software keeps evolving to make complex design structures less cumbersome by using predefined and custom designs. The market is mature enough for channel companies to get engage and many vendors offer 3D modelling tools. The market size is expected to reach $13 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 6%.

Below you can browse a list of 3D CAD software vendors, view their partner program benefits and requirements and evaluate the different offerings.

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59143 Reston Vendors

Siemens Government Technologies

Improving readiness and resilience with advanced solutionsWhen continuous, reliable power on or off the grid is non-negotiable, when a possible cyberattack threatens mission-critical systems, or when aging infrastructure is at risk for unplanned ...

  • Country: United States
  • City: Reston

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58814 Petah Tikva Vendors


InnoDraw is a global leader of Laser-Based Digital Measuring and Drawing Technology, tailored for the Do-It-Yourself & Home Improvement, Kitchen, Bath and Bedrooms, Architectural and Countertop industries, with more than 300,000 successful measuring ...

  • Country: Israel
  • City: Petah Tikva

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58468 Guangzhou Vendors

Guangdong 3vjia Information Technology CO., LTD.

AiHouse is dedicated to solving the problem of informationization in the home industry, and through the interconnection of data, realizing the efficient coordination of the integration of the whole process of marketing, design, production and deliver...

  • Country: China, People s Republic of
  • City: Guangzhou

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52355 Madison Vendors


Bricsys is shaping the future of .dwg by introducing AI driven features and time-saving tools on a familiar CAD platform with great customer support, flexible licensing at an honest price.We design, build, and market innovative Computer Aided Des...

  • Country: United States
  • City: Madison

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39674 Moskva Vendors


The Russian supplier of engineering and IT-solutions for #fuel-energy complex based on the integration of #technologies: #PLM, #BIM, #GIS, #CAD, #PDM, #PM, #MES

  • Country: Russia
  • City: Moskva

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38296 Dubai Vendors


CADMATE Software is Industries most accepted CAD Software

  • Country: United Arab Emirates
  • City: Dubai

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32078 Assendelft Vendors

Modelobjects B.V.

Powering model-oriented design team conversations for BIM - the first real-time BIM chat for Revit.Modelobjects helps architects, engineers, contractors, BIM managers and their peripheral stakeholders to communicate in real-time via shared 3D mod...

  • Country: Netherlands
  • City: Assendelft

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