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CloudSqueeze is an AI-based near real-time AWS optimization app. It is a cloud cost optimization & right sizing tool that helps DevOps teams in any company, anywhere in the world using Amazon Web Services. Using CloudSqueeze DevOps/CTOs can discover excess Amazon Web Servers spend and cut costs in their monthly AWS bill. The setup is secure, read-only, un-intrusive access with no clunky software or changing any code.

We leverage AI to determine the best cloud resources based on workload patterns.

CloudSqueeze is a product of SoftwareWORX

We are also available at the AWS Marketplace.


Anyone can sell this. Just sign up to join our referral network of partners in few seconds, and you can promote us via social media, word of mouth, your mailing lists, blogs or other marketing initiatives.

Payment: Referrer partners who promote us get visibility into visitors, leads, and payments made by their leads on the sales dashboard. You get ongoing recurring revenue from your sales initiatives of Cloud Squeeze. Gain access to social promotional materials and your specific affiliate links, banners and more. Payments are made via Paypal or Cryptocurrency offerings of Coinbase. The percentage of sales is fixed for the life of the customer you bring to any of the product offerings. You can find our payment details as an affiliate at affiliate marketer directory or after registration.

Once you join our referral network of partners, you will have to access to tons of images, custom links, and content in your sales dashboard that you can use.

Here is a video on how to go about it -

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