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AppEnsure provides APM for IT Operations to proactively manage end-user experience. AppEnsure uniquely correlates the real end-user response time experience with the application-delivery infrastructure performance, providing contextual, actionable intelligence to reduce resolution time by 95% of application outages and slowdowns. By measuring the response time and throughput for applications across your entire infrastructure, the AppEnsure solution uses unique analytics to provide meaningful and actionable root cause diagnostics to improve company productivity.


IT Operations teams and IT companies responsible for their clients’ infrastructure performance are constantly blamed when poor application response times affect end-user productivity.

AppEnsure has developed an application-aware infrastructure performance management software solution to help IT Operations perfect the performance of every application in every location. By measuring the response time and throughput for every application across the entire infrastructure, AppEnsure uses unique application operational intelligence to provide meaningful and actionable root cause diagnostics to improve productivity.

AppEnsure wants to join forces with you to start improving application performance by offering a new technology – and to grow revenue together.


AppEnsure does many things well when it comes to helping IT Operations. Together with our Partners, we can solve real-world problems and provide valuable benefits including:

Understand the reason for poor application performance for any and every application

Stop wasting IT resources while in war room meetings guessing at the root cause of an incident

Protect revenue and business productivity by preventing long outages

Improve end-user experience in Citrix environments

Determine root cause of performance deviations

Reduce MTTR in highly complex environments

Understand response time in all company locations

Baseline normal user experience

Diagnose impact of infrastructure on application performance

Deliver next-generation response time SLAs

Identify impact of continuous change in production

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