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Ostendio is a B2B software company. Our software is called MyVCM.

Ostendio’s MyVCM is a pioneer and leader in the cybersecurity and compliance field. By providing an enterprise view of an organization's cybersecurity and compliance program, they can demonstrate real-time compliance to employees, partners, customers and other relevant stakeholders. Organizations are always audit ready with MyVCM.


Highly competitive margins. Includes unique recurring revenue model and quick payout! Up to 30%

LEADS. Pre–qualified sales leads (not just names) from events, SEO, press and more.

Inclusion in the partner map and locator – so prospective buyers can find you quickly.

FREE NFR Access. You get to use MyVCM internally to learn the product.

Deal Registration. Quick, easy approval, exclusive support, and pricing.

Start at GOLD. Three levels to reward performance, but you start at GOLD so you get good margins immediately.

FREE product and market training–no cost or barriers to entry.

MDF. Pre-allocated budget and easy-to-apply form to help you with joint promotions.

Partner Conference. Invitation to Ostendio’s partner conference.

Online Webinars to help you sell. Weekly or one-on-one webinars – Ostendio gives the demo… you close the deal (while you also learn the product).

Lots of sales tools–detailed competitive matrix, persuasive Power Points, market info, and more.

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1911 N Fort Myer Drive, Suite 100, Arlington, VA 22201


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