A POS software company

A POS software company

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About the case study

A small POS software company operating in retail, wellness and hospitality industry launched few months ago their white label partner program and wanted to attract their first resellers.

They were really curious to see the performance of Elioplus and worried about how their reseller matches would react to their offering. The results were overwhelming and they reached maximum capacity for their resources to manage their new resellers.

They are now operating in more than 8 countries through the quality resellers that they received through Elioplus.

Tracking period:

5 months

They provide:

White label POS software in retail, wellness and hospitality industry

They look for partners:



40 demos + 32 calls + 36 more info request = 108 qualified partners leads


21.6 /mo qualified leads


We have already helped them enter new markets through resellers in Middle East, Canada, Europe, India, Singapore, North Africa and we continue our collaboration with a lot of success.

More than 120.000 companies are using Elioplus

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