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Ransomware is a nasty type of malware that locks up your valuable digital files and demands a ransom to release them back to you. SE-OPS uses a proprietary process which can detect, block, and remove Ransomware in any of its millions of different variants. Because of syndicates like “Satan” Ransomware-As-A-Service, anyone can now create their own Ransomware which makes Zero Day Exploits commonplace, and Blacklist & Whitelist security solutions ineffective. And, the newest addition to the Ransomware family, the Ransomworm, which instinctively spreads the infection to all connected devices.


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With millions of hackers in the world, each possessing the ability to create a new Ransomware variant in a few minutes, there is virtually no limit to the number of Ransomware threats that can exist at any time. The only way to effectively detect, block, and remove Ransomware is through the use of detecting unusual behavior in a computer. Behind the interface is a robust, proprietary behavioral analytics engine containing rules specific to the core functions of any ransomware, plus an exclusive “Fail-safe” design that prevents the encryption of multiple files/folders and/or multiple changes to any file extension. It is impossible for any Ransomware to infect/encrypt more than a single file, in the event that the Ransomware process was undetected by the behavioral analytics engine. Threats are detected, blocked, and removed by SE-OPS before they can infect the system. Learn More


SE-OPS keyboard encryption prevents any interception of and interpretation of keystrokes between your keyboard and applications.


SE-OPS scans the computer for known Keyloggers that have already been identified and are in our database. It also detects keyboard "Hooks" that are present in every Keylogger, thereby providing "Real-Time" Keylogger detection.

More About Keyloggers


"Third-Party Tracking Cookies" are different from the normal cookies that you find on your computer. These cookies are placed on your computer without your knowledge, track your online activities and report them, clandestinely, to unknown persons, for unknown reasons. They are hidden from view and cannot be found in your "Cookies" folder. The exact threat posed by these tracking cookies is unknown, as is the actual information gathered and it's final use and destination.

More About Tracking Cookies


Protect workflow and sensitive material. prevent Ransomware.

Stop Keyloggers from Capturing your private logins.

Secure your logins for social media, email, online banking, and online gaming.

Stop eavesdroppers and snooping in everyday browsing.


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