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Probely is a web vulnerability scanner for agile teams. It provides continuous scanning of your web applications and lets you efficiently manage the lifecycle of the vulnerabilities found, in a sleek and intuitive web interface.

It also provides tailored instructions on how to fix the vulnerabilities (including snippets of code), and by using its full-featured API, it can be integrated into development processes (SDLC) and continuous integration pipelines (CI/CD), in order to automate security testing.

Probely empowers developers to be more independent when it comes to security testing, solving the security teams' scaling problem, that is usually undersized when compared to development teams, by providing developers with a tool that makes them more independent when it comes to security testing, allowing security teams to focus on activities and vulnerabilities that matter.


Depending on the partner's activity our service, along with an aggressive revenue share, can generate new income such as integration, added services support or consultancy, and reduce costs on delivering security services.

The partner should have some experience in Cyber Security and Software development production cycle.

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Industry: Software
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Market specialisation: Enterprise (B2B)
Partner program: White Label, Reseller, Value Added Reseller (VAR), Distributor, System Integrator, Service Provider
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Website: visit website
Address: Rua da Emenda, 19, Lisbon
Phone: + 351 -

Registration date: 18/04/2019

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