VIENNA Advantage

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Country: Germany


VIENNA Advantage is a German based company with offices around the world. We provide complete business software suits such as: ERP, CRM, Document Management System, Point of Sale System and other.

We provide the first ever ERP/CRM solution in the world with inbuilt Document Management System, available on premises or on the cloud. Our solution was awarded as one of the '20 Most promising open source ERP solutions in the world', by The ERP Insights Magazine.

We have more than a decade experience in business software development and thousands of implementations around the globe.

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Industries we cover:

- Textile and Apparels

- Construction and Real Estate

- E-Governance

- Telecom

- Education

- Retail Management

- Supply Chain Management

- Distribution and Wholesale

- Discrete Manufacturing

- E-Commerce

- Professional Services

- Life Insurance

Partner Program Description:

VIENNA Advantage understands the needs of its partners due to the long experience in ERP consultancy. With having VIENNA as your partner you will have the following benefits:

- A very attractive licensing model for your customers and you which helps you to boost your software license revenues as well as services revenues

- Affordable solution despite a world-class architecture that can easily compete with large market players like SAP and Microsoft

- A complete set of tools for ease of providing services to your customers in form of a partner toolkit

- Liberty to develop your own industry template based on the solution and market that to through the VIENNA Partner Network worldwide

- Being a partner you will receive a number of enquiries being generated from your region for VIENNA Advantage ERP & CRM

- Regular Income such as support and service revenues that are annually recurring

- Shorter training time for your employees compared to other solutions in the SME market

- Complete Documentation, Training for your team backed up with recorded sessions available in the partner portal



Market Specialization:

Small & mid-sized businesses (B2B)
Enterprise (B2B)

Contact Details:

Bohlenskamp 21, 26340 Zetel

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