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Perseu Software is a Brazilian enterprise, web-based e-Voting software developer. Our firm is in the electronic voting market since 2001.

My objective in writing this offer is to form partnerships with vendors in the new, but promising, market of electronic voting by Internet.

The e-Voting software is ready, only needing to translate to local languages.

The software is an online voting system in Blockchain database architecture, crypto 256, integrating the whole nation, regions (states, constituencies) and cities (foreign countries, cantons, localities), in three levels of operation, in a pyramidal design.

1) National elections, where all citizens vote the same voting (for president, plebiscites and referendums, as example);

2) Regional elections, where only the citizens of a region or state vote (for governor, senator, as example); and

3) Departmental or municipal elections, where only the citizens of a department, city, canton, or residents in foreign countries vote (for mayor or representative, as example).

After the voting, the elector gets a receipt, with his votes and an exclusive verification key, which allows him to check anonymously and in different ways if his choices have been correctly assigned.

The solution respects the three great democratic principles inherent to the vote: the accessibility to the suffrage, the secret and the sincerity of the vote. In addition, every voter is entitled to one vote, but votes only once.

The system consists of the following sections:

- Registration of electors;

- Registration of regions, states, constituencies, departments, cities, cantons, foreign countries, etc.;

- Electoral commissions;

- Registration of administrators;

- Composition of elections;

- Political parties;

- Candidates / options of answers;

- Messages to electors;

- Justifications of electors;

- Results;

- Reports; and

- Publication of results and reports.

The possible kinds of ballots are:

- Yes or no, for referendums and plebiscites;

- Choice of political parties;

- Single answer;

- Multiple answers; and

- Electronic ballot box (numbers to identify political parties and candidates).

The system supports an unlimited number of voters, administrators, regions, cities, elections, ballots, political parties and candidates.

The ballots can display pictures of candidates and political parties, identification numbers, as well as links to the question of the ballot (to elucidate it), to election campaigns of candidates and parties, and to sites with explanations of the response options, with the aim of providing complete information to the elector, so that he votes in the most competent manner possible.

The votes are kept in a Blockchain architecture database, 256-bit encryption, which guarantees the integrity and inviolability of the storage.

Encrypted votes in blockchain structure are also written to FTP, therefore, outside the database, creating another recovery option.

Voters’ and administrators’ passwords are not stored in the database, but only their 256-bit encrypted hashes.

The verification key allows the voter to check if all of his votes have been correctly cast. It works as if a person's name has been changed from John Smith to 9041732585, but only he knows it.

Each candidate (or political party, or option, or abstention) must have the same number of votes as the number of verification keys received.

There are also other methods of control by the administration, including the manual count of votes, after printed all of them, identified only by the verification keys, to prevent multiple counting of the same vote.

The voter can also search for his name on the presence and absence lists.

If the elector couldn't vote, it is possible to him to provide a justification.

At the end, voting backups can be copied for results and reports be calculated on different computers, including offline. This allows speed and confrontation.

The software is available to be tested and audited by technicians and authorities.

The source code can be read, if intellectual property protection agreements are signed.

We can even provide the access keys to the database, to prove that it is impossible to identify the votes and their authors.


I want a partner to look for customers for the e-Voting Software, which may be federal, state, regional, municipal and local governments.

Other opportunities may happen in companies for holding general meetings of shareholders, universities and colleges, clubs, trade unions, political parties (to choose their candidates for elective functions), condos, etc., wherever elections are held.

Government bids are common throughout the world for this kind of product. In this case, I would like the partner to perform the following tasks, with our help, using your experience on it:

- Filling out the bidding forms;

- Providing the requested on it, such as details, like balance sheets of our company; and

- Construction of the budget.

If requested on the bidding:

- Choosing the hosting where the software and the database will stay (hiring, if winner);

- Choosing of a company provider of services of sending passwords by e-mail, SMS and/or WhatsApp, for instance (hiring, if winner);

- Choosing of call center service to clarify voters questions during the elections (hiring, if winner); and

- Everything to make the projects happen, considering that I live in Brazil.

Example: European Electronic Signature to sign the proposals, that I am unable to obtain, and participation in face-to-face meetings.

Being interested, I will send technical details of the system operation, as well as links for tests and learning.

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+ 55 -

Rua Santa Clara, 323 / 1002 - Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro/RJ


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