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We along with you have watched in dismay as the number of companies hacked via the web and the records stolen has mounted. It is estimated that over 6 BILLION records were stolen in the 1st half of 2017 alone. Several years before this, we decided to pool our talents in the security arena and develop products and services to help in the cyber security battle. Fortress was designed from the start to survive in a totally compromised network will enduring full-on cyber attack from near-peer nation states. Fortress is a Linux Hardening and Monitoring product for Ubuntu(R) and Linux servers.

· It protects web servers, FTP servers, and Mysql Database servers.

· It hardens the entire LAMP stack (Apache, Linux, and MySql)

· Fortress has been a global challenge to hack it since 03/06/17. Attacks have been made from 184 countries in excess of 18 million (not counting pings) without success. This includes China, Russia, Iran, and Israel. Several times Fortress has come under simultaneous attacks originating in 66 Chinese provinces.

· Fortress has been attacked by military, by Fortune 500 red (penetration) teams and by cyber criminals and hackers without success.

· A $10,000 bounty was offered at Def Con 25 in 2017 to hack Fortress. These are the world's best hackers who hack military and government systems. No one won the challenge.

· Starting in March 2018, the Fortress target server's administrator account password was given to hackers to "help" them get in. No one has.

· Fortress has multiple levels of defenses. All the above attempts never breached the 1st level.

· Fortress uses Artificial Intelligence to shape its defenses while under attack.

· If someone inserts a USB device into a Fortress protected server, you are notified via text to your cellphone.

· Fortress automatically applies patches to the system it is on.

· You will be contacted in Fortress needs your help. Otherwise it is designed to functional autonomously, greatly lowering manpower needs.

· Fortress can be stealthy and difficult to find in order to attack. The Fortress in the Global challenge above is NOT using the stealthy feature.

· Fortress blocks 70,685 malicious sites sites and 125,336 Inbound IP addresses.

· Fortress is resilient to DDos attacks. One such attack, as part of the challenge, was 2.6 million attacks in size within an 8 hour period. By comparison, the entire state of North Carolina receives about 30 million attacks per month.

· Fortress deploys via email and take approximately 10 minutes to install, depending on the size of your server.


We will pay a commission for your sale. We will support your sales effort. We can support your client's techincal needs. (You first level support and we support the both of you) We are techincal guys and not sales guys...Lets talk. Perfer that you are already selling in the cyber security space.

Does our product work? Nothing is 100%, but We now, as this date, are conducting a Worldwide Cyber Challenge. The challenge is on day 1177 and has withstood 17,932,860 server attacks (not counting pings) from 184 countries without a breach.

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