Talentia Software

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Country: Greece


Talentia Software is a leading international supplier of business software solutions specializing in Corporate Performance Management (consolidation, reporting and budgeting) and Human Capital Management (HR, talent management and payroll).

The group supports more than 3600 customers in over 30 countries, ranging from SMEs to large international organizations.

Partner Program Description:

Talentia Software is proud to be a people and performance orientated organization. We believe that by partnering with the right people who share the same values as us, we can deliver outstanding business solutions for customers, whilst at the same time building long-term successful and profitable business relationships with our stakeholders.

The Global Partner Channel signals the ambition of Talentia Software to become a best of breed software solution for the human capital and financial performance markets in the next 3 years.

The aim of the Global Partner Channel is to:

-Develop new and long lasting partnerships

-Ensure constructive partner on-boarding

-Create new business opportunities by sharing sales leads to Partners

-Support partner in developing their own pre-sales, sales, implementation and maintenance for Talentia Software solutions

-Support partner marketing activities

-Share best practices

-Cultivate a Partner Community



Market Specialization:

Small & mid-sized businesses (B2B)
Enterprise (B2B)

Contact Details:

Amarousiou Chalandriou 94

+ 30 - 2106895625

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The IT service provider Gangl offers self-developed Microsoft Office Add-Ins for download - for example Outlook Add-Ins and Outlook Plugins -, so that especially users in companies but also in ministries and authorities can perform certain tasks directly in the open main software, such as Outlook. for example, can carry out certain tasks - to increase the efficiency of the workflows.In addition to Outlook add-ins and Outlook plug-ins, the following also belong to the product range Exchange Add-Ins and MS Teams Add-Ons to the Gangl product range. Gangl offers its practice-oriented Add-Ins especially for the widely used Microsoft software Office, Office 365, Microsoft 365, Outlook, Exchange Server and Exchange Online as downloadable solutions.

In 2014, Ralf Kuklik and Philipp Schuch met in Philipp's basement in Düsseldorf, Germany. They decided to form a company that would develop and sell the first independent software as a service job architecture solution. The result is gradar, their own job evaluation system. Based on the framework running gradar, they have developed a software called "open grading framework", that is available as a white label solution to clients with existing job grading logics.Both tools are developed and distributed by the independent and international HR-Tech startup with locations in Düsseldorf, Germany, Providence, USA and London, UK.

Starhunter helps you work more efficiently, build a candidate pool and interact professionally. In addition to recruiting project management, Starhunter includes invoicing, work time tracker, prioritized to-do list, team management, calendar, CRM and campaigns.Your customers can access your short list and candidate profiles in real time. You communicate your results to your customers and nurture your business contacts. Increase your the proficiency of your communication and easily access your contact related communication history.Mailings keep candidates up to date. You brief customers on the latest suitable vacancies while resume importer and social media integration make creating candidate profiles easy. Synchronized communication helps you always stay on top of things when you converse with your candidates.

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CX Index is a Voice of Customer Solution that is fully integrated to clients CRM's to enhance data knowledge and relevance. CX Index VoC solutions can be integrated with Loyalty programs and external CRM's, such as Genesys.

Synel is a world leader in the development and production of On-Line data collection systems and (href="http://www.synel.com/solutions) solutions for workforce management, (href="http://www.synel.com/time-and-attendance) attendance and job costing applications (href="http://www.synel.com/access-control) access control Guard screen (with CCTV and Alarm guard control / alert) (href="http://www.synel.com/time-and-attendance time attendance and job costing applications.Synel' s wide range of solutions includes:Hardware– Advanced Face recognition and biometric fingerprint terminals.Software – Unique software packages which supply complete solutions for controlling and managing employees time, visitors, and vehicles. HARMONY Cloud advanced Workforce Management System one of the world’s most innovative that integrate employee data which is registered one time only and applied across all system modules.


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