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BambooHR is the leading provider of tools that power the strategic evolution of HR in small-to-medium-sized businesses. BambooHR’s cloud-based system is an intuitive, affordable way for growing companies to track and manage essential employee information in a personalized Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Now HR managers have more time for meaningful work, executives get accurate, timely reports and employees can self-service their time off using a convenient mobile app. BambooHR’s clients include innovators like SoundCloud, Foursquare, Freshbooks, Stance, Fitbit and Squarespace, among thousands of others in more than 85 countries worldwide.

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For companies or independent contractors in HR or business services, our referral program is a pretty sweet deal. Here’s how it works: You use our marketing materials to show your clients all that BambooHR can do. Then you send them our way and we do the rest. That’s it. No closing the sale, migrating their data, or providing support. We’ll pay you a referral commission for every deal that closes.

Referral partners just need to complete the following docs to formally join the program:

BambooHR Lead Referral Agreement (PDF) -

W-9 (PDF) - Required for BambooHR Commission Payments -

Once you join the Referral Program, you can submit referral leads to us here: and we will reach out right away and work to close the deal so you get paid a commission.


Looking for a way to deepen your client relationships? Become a BambooHR Reseller Partner. You’ll be able to capitalize on your industry expertise, stay close to your clients, and give them the personal attention they need. As a ResellerPartner, you’ll be selling, implementing and providing first-level support for the BambooHR solution, with training and dedicated support services from us. There is a Program Fee to join and an annual sales commitment required for Reseller Partners.

In order to move forward with the Reseller Program, we will first need you to sign our Mutual NDA and then we can share with you the Reseller Agreement and pricing. Please let us know if this is the program you want to move forward with and we will send you our Mutual NDA.

APPS MARKETPLACE PROGRAM (Software Integration Required)

For software solution partners that want to explore an API integration with BambooHR. Inquire for more information on this program.



Market Specialization:

Small office - home office: SOHO (B2B)
Small & mid-sized businesses (B2B)
Enterprise (B2B)

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333 South 520 West Suite 200, Lindon, UT 84042

+ 1 - 8663879595

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Meetcode is a platform to pre-assess and interview candidates online with pre-build question library and robust proctoring checking features, which can make the hiring process more efficient and bias-free.By joining our partner program you get ( High and recurring commission- Shared lead from Meetcode (reseller program)- Product discount for you and your clients (10-20%)- Ready-made marketing collaterals to promote the product effectively (product guideline, user guide, tutorials, etc).Bonus for early adopters (onboard by end of September, 2022)- 15% of every sale for the first year (referral program)- 30% of every sale for the first year (reseller program)

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HiringThing is an integrated recruiting platform that creates seamless hiring experiences. Their private label recruiting technology enables organizations to add hiring capabilities to expand their solution. With an open API and developer-friendly documentation, they enable customized workflows and seamless connectivity for HR Solutions, HR Service Providers, Vertical SaaS, Franchises, Staffing Agencies, and more. Approachable and adaptable, their platform empowers everyone, everywhere to hire their dream team.

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Revnue is an AI-powered intelligent digital contract management platform that is transforming the way enterprises manage their contracts. By making contract management accessible to everyone, from small businesses to very large enterprises, the company aims to make a positive impact on millions of customers across the globe.

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PopID is a facial recognition company focused on creating frictionless point of sale experiences for customers for the retail and restaurant industries. Over the past 4+ years we have perfected a facial recognition algorithm that allows us to recognize 1:10M users and enables a simple, quick registration process for users. Now, we have developed a point of sale system to allow merchants to have the full standard suite of POS applications with the addition of facial recognition for check-in, order recall, loyalty point accrual and payment. Finally, our facial recognition empowered payment system also offers significantly lower rates than standard credit card processing due to the secure nature of the payment.

ITILITE is an all-in-one platform to manage business travel and expense reimbursements. ITILITE powers 500,000+ users globally across small businesses to Unicorns & Fortune 500 companies. Through its unique savings led employee incentives, it helps companies reduce their Travel & Expense spend by up to 30% in a way employees love. Customers use ITILITE’s powerful compliance along with the free 24/7 call, chat and email support to increase finance productivity and to keep their employees safe and happy.

United States is a cloud-based artificial intelligence service that instantly and accurately extracts text, data, handwriting, photos, and signatures from all types of documents, including IDs, driver licenses, passports, visas, receipts, invoices, forms, and hundreds of other document types worldwide. In seconds, discerns the document's type, extracts the relevant information, verifies the results, and integrates them into the customer's systems. We save thousands of FTE hours per month for our customers by automating document processing so that they can cut costs and focus on their business goals.

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Earth Class Mail is the leading virtual address and virtual mail management solution for SMBs and Start Ups. We've been providing reliable solutions to thousands of businesses since 2006, powering mail and document management for companies on the national and global radar. Choose from our national network of street addresses and PO boxes, then get your mail scanned, OCR'd, synced, securely stored, shredded, deposited in your bank and much more.Want an address on Market St. in San Francisco, or Park Ave. in New York? We've got you covered there too.It's just easier to run your business with Earth Class Mail.

MassPay provides a cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solution called iSolved, which allows small to mid-sized businesses to utilize technology to streamline their HR, Payroll and Talent Management processes and optimize their workforce. iSolved tracks detailed employee information, administers benefits, calculates work hours and processes payroll, and offers performance management/reviews, onboarding, employee self-service and other capabilities, to keeps businesses efficient, and compliant with ACA and other regulations.MassPay also offers ASO services to provide businesses with guidance on HR/Payroll issues, including adverse actions, and helps them set strategy for company policies, address compliance issues, and implement best practice hiring, on-boarding, training and performance. Contact us to learn more!