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Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) is a leading business technology services firm committed to helping private and public organizations drive value, improve productivity and enhance customer experience. The firm specializes in digital transformation services, including application management, strategy and consulting, intelligent automation, contingent workforce solutions, IT service management and business analytics. Founded in 1981, and headquartered in Allentown, PA, CAI is a privately held company with offices throughout the United States. We make up a diverse and innovative global team known for providing right-sized strategy, solutions and ongoing support for our customers.

We are in searching for partners that can help us market our SaaS solution we call Advanced Management Insight or AMI. Advanced Management Insight is the first digital solution combining human feedback and hard operational data into a real-world status with a patented risk identification engine. CAI has designed AMI to create a strategic project intelligence tool which delivers rich and actionable information. The 4 central goals of AMI are provided below.

AVOID SURPRISES - Most executives and project management professionals have been surprised by a project that has veered away from its stated goal without warning. AMI provides critical early warning alerts to be able to take corrective actions before it’s too late.

ELIMINATE SPIN - Capture real and actionable data from all project stakeholders. Eliminates overly optimistic status updates by receiving frequent targeted feedback by those closest to the project.

PREDICT OUTCOMES - The collected data is analyzed and interpreted by AMI’s patented technology to provide you with predictive project analytics.

IMPROVE PROJECT PERFORMANCE - The wealth of data and analysis included will provide valuable insight to ensure project success.

Advanced Management Insight is not a traditional Project Management tool. AMI provides a forward looking “heads up display” rather than managing tasks and providing tactical updates regarding actions that have already occurred. AMI is uniquely positioned to implement the appropriate best practices in strategic project intelligence at your organization.

Advanced Management Insight is not a traditional Project Management tool. AMI provides a forward looking “heads up display” rather than managing tasks and providing tactical updates regarding actions that have already occurred. AMI is uniquely positioned to implement the appropriate best practices in strategic project intelligence at your organization.


Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) is in search of strategic partners that can help us introduce a revolutionary Software as a Service product to your clients and affiliations. Our solution represents an exciting breakthrough in the area of Strategic Project Intelligence and offers a potential new revenue stream for your business. The solution is Advanced Management Insight (AMI) and it transforms how organizations will forever view, manage and implement projects more successfully than ever before.

We surveyed and extensive list of CIOs and asked:

• Have you ever been surprised by the status of a project and found that it was late or over budget?

• Have you ever been given information too late to effectively resolve the associated project issues?

The answers we received proved a point. Standard project reporting tools continue to lead to project failures.

CAI is proud to introduce Advanced Management Insight – the first ever AI-inspired project monitoring system, which is virtual, predictive, easy to use and fast to implement. We at CAI would like your help in bringing this exciting and breakthrough capability to your customers and contacts and thought you might be interested in an exciting NEW partner program.

About the Partner Program:

CAI desires to partner with organizations and individuals in several ways to help us market Advanced Management Insight. We have several arrangements available from a VAR scenario to a lead referral arrangement. Select the level of engagement you are comfortable with delivering as significant revenue opportunities exist in through any partner arrangement.

VAR Partner- CAI is able to engage in partnerships with organizations that wish to act as a value-added reseller of Advanced Management Insight and associated services. In addition to the standard implementation services, our VAR partners will also have the ability to engage clients with significant project management consulting services. CAI will train your sales and implementation staff to ensure you have the proper knowledge to sell and implement the solution.

Re-Seller- Advanced Management Insight represents an attractive opportunity for organizations looking to add to their product offerings. Our re-sellers will sell AMI directly, and CAI will handle the implementation and support.

Referral Partner- Simply provide us with quality referrals and allow CAI to do the rest. We ask that you set-up initial meetings and stay involved in the sales process as needed. Referral partners have the ability to earn significant commission by simply providing an introduction!

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