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Founded in 2014, Plumb5 is an integrated data platform developed by Decisive Analytical Systems. It was built to solve marketing challenges permanently, by unifying customer data and facilitating seamless automation of business processes, to drive customer centric engagement automation.

Our vision is rooted in the idea that tremendous business growth is possible only when the business is completely aligned with their customers. Bringing all the customer facing systems and personnel to a more common collaborative unified platform would solve 80% of the marketing challenges permanently.

Plumb5 as an integrated platform allows businesses to bring all their customer data together spanning Website, Mobile, Email, Social, Commerce, CRM, Loyalty, Offline store and Call data. By creating a unified profile for each customer, marketers have access to every aspect of the customer in real-time and can create quick engagement campaigns enabling delightful customer experiences

As every dollar spent and every dollar earned happens at the touch-points, Plumb5 touch-point trackers keep track of spends and attributes exactly for every buck spent, thus allowing the marketer to completely take control of their marketing spends. This allows the marketer to measure and monitor marketing ROI.


Partnering with Plumb5 offers a great win-win for both partners. While Plumb5 can get an opportunity to market through partners, the partner gains to provide full-value solutions to their customers which will help them grow with high customer retention and earns more revenue per customer.

Top 3 partner advantages that makes a serious difference.

Get Sticky with your customer

Every customer is looking for value. It is the value offered either in terms of top-line or bottom-line that helps you service your customer year after year. To be able to do this, the servicing company needs to demonstrate the value generated for the customer. With silo-driven environment where data is in isolation, it is very hard to substantiate the right value. With Plumb5, you start to work on unified data and insights, that every campaign executed or every application you build can be measured and strategized to yield better results.

Implement ROI Centric Services

Plumb5 offers a transparent view into all the data and reporting necessary to quickly quantify their return on client spend. The data tagging mechanism allows us to tag spend and revenue data at designated channels which helps everyone visualize the real return with accurate attribution. The unified platform approach allows partner to streamline internal processes and increase their operational efficiency.

Increase Revenue Per Client

With businesses focusing on 1:1 customer engagement, it is evident that communication strategies has to be applied on micro segment of customers which means the digital marketing agencies need to run more targeted campaigns. With growing IoT and device data, tech companies can create apps over Plumb5 platform to make sure customer data collected at these touch points are integrated to the unified stack. With this plethora of data, analysts and BI service companies need to work on data to analyze and produce real-time reports. With Plumb5, analytics companies can work on unified data which covers the entire customer lifecycle data to run learning models for accurate results and speed.

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“SIRIGIRI”, No. 770,1st Floor, 3rd Cross, 7th Main,J.P.Nagar 3rd Phase,Bangalore-560078


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