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Fotor is a cross-platform photo editing and graphic design tool with over 150 million users worldwide. Fotor online editor is a powerful photo editing and graphic designing tool; following the rising of major editing functions plus our patented HDR technologies, Fotor’s graphic design feature can be seen as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for marketers, bloggers and social media aficionados – allowing anyone the ability to create their own amazing graphics content, streamlined with social media support.

I have been following your website for a while. Given that the site is in high relevance to Fotor, I would like to invite you in a partnership. And I also would like to update our software on your website to make some promotion. Please advice how can I start that.

For more information about Fotor:

Web and online editor: http://www.fotor.com

Page for Fotor affiliate program : http://www.fotor.com/affiliates.html

Photo Editing software: http://www.everimaging.com/store/


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