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Axosoft is an intuitive, easy-to-use and results-oriented project management tool that allows any team tackle a project, stay accountable and get their projects out the door. Currently, more than 11,000 teams worldwide use our software to plan, manage and ship software their own customers rely on. Whether your team uses Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall or a custom methodology to track your work, Axosoft can work for you—quickly.


About Our Programs:

> Our Referral Partner Program (aka Type 1 Reseller) is designed to be simple, easy and profitable for partners. You are the conduit between the end-customer and Axosoft. You have the flexibility to be as involved (or as uninvolved) in the sales process as you want and you DO NOT need to be an Axosoft product expert. For example, you could simply refer opportunities to Axosoft and we will do the rest, or you could manage the sales process and bring us in to help (for sales demos, providing documentation, answering questions, etc.).

> Our Certified VAR Partner Program (aka Type 2 Reseller) is designed for larger companies that choose to train their salespeople to become Axosoft product experts and manage the entire sales process directly. This option requires advanced training, time and dedication on the partner’s side, but also pays the highest commissions. Axosoft would be behind-the-scenes in this sales process.

> Our Community Partner Program is designed for community organizations that support startups and technology students (such as co-working spaces, incubators, technology schools, etc.) where Axosoft will provide useful benefits to their members.

> Our Integration Partner Program is designed for software products that would be complementary in nature to Axosoft, where an integration would add mutual value. We have a fairly extensive API.

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Industry: Software
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Market specialisation: Small & mid-sized businesses (B2B), Enterprise (B2B)
Partner program: Reseller, Value Added Reseller (VAR), Distributor, API Program (Developers), System Integrator, Service Provider
API: Business Services
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Address: 13835 N Northsight Blvd #205
Phone: + 1 - 8006530024

Registration date: 24/09/2015

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