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Country: Israel


D’PROS (http://d-pro.biz/) d-pro.biz, the product division of Dicomano, founded in 2004 and holds 50 of the finest ABAP developers, is committed to the SAP customers community and offers a full range of advanced, state-of-the-art, innovative and high ROI SAP-complementary products. To list a few, D’PROS portfolio of solutions includes:

(http://d-pro.biz/portfolio/dplisher/) D'Plisher:

Publish any ALV report (both standard and locally developed) in any format via any media. (http://d-pro.biz/portfolio/dsox/) D'SOX Compliance Solution

End-to-end SOX solution for SAP sites that provides Preventive Detective controls.

(href="http://d-pro.biz/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/DRainbow-DS.pdf) D’Rainbow ALiV dynamically bridges the gap between SAP Excel. (http://d-pro.biz/portfolio/ondgo/)OnD'Go Approval: Zero client-installation mobile application, supporting offline approval of workflow tasks on any mobile device, secured.

Our products are all SAP-Certified and are successfully implemented in leading global organizations such as Checkpoint, TowerJazz, and Johnson Johnson.

Partner Program Description:


Productivity Enhancement Suite in domestic market. Speaking at SAP User Groups and demoing product at local IT trade shows. First level service, promoting products via advertisements and marketing activities, and pitching product to Enterprises. Prefered partners currently sell ECC/R3, SAP 3rd party add-on tools. Nice incentives and rev share. Full training and no fee to become a reseller.



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Enterprise (B2B)

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Rav Ashi 9 Tel Aviv

+ 972 -

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