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Country: South Korea


Infraware is a company located in Seoul, Korea developing cloud based office software called Polaris Office.

We are almost 20 years old software company, fully adapt in developing business software and solutions such as office, email, printing solution, etc.

Partner Program Description:

Polaris Office is an office-suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, ODT, TXT and more.

We support platforms across Windows desktop, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Key benefits are:

1. Fully compatible with Microsoft Office word, powerpoint, excel, pdf, odt, txt, and more.

2. Cost efficient than other alternatives

3. Convert PDF into document and edit them. Efficient for businessmen working with PDF documents.

4. Real-time collaborative editing on one document for business's efficient document work.

5. Easy document sharing and commenting to lessen workhour.

6. Team cloud storage folder for businesses.

7. Cloud storage provided.

Polaris Office is office-suite with various productive features for SMB, SOHO, or businesses to execute on their goals!



Market Specialization:

Small office - home office: SOHO (B2B)
Small & mid-sized businesses (B2B)

Contact Details:

Bando Building, 26 Gomurae-ro 10-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

+ 82 -

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With our Head Office based in Brisbane, and offices in Melbourne and Sydney, UX Communications is a growing, local success story focused on bridging the technology gap between small and large businesses. We want small businesses to feel they have access to the same technology solutions of the big guys, and just as importantly, the offering is aligned to their needs. As the name suggests, UX Communications delivers an outstanding UX (user experience). Our brand and our ongoing focus ensure that our customers are at the forefront of everything we do – our flexible product offering, delivery, and interactions.


Revizto is the industry-leading Integrated Collaboration Platform (ICP) used by Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Owners to maximize workflows throughout the project lifecycle. Our software brings together teams and workflows into one integrated platform and provides a single vision of the project for all stakeholders regardless of their technical proficiency. Revizto facilitates BIM coordination among all project members, provides individual accountability, and enables real-time project review in 2D, 3D and in Virtual Reality. Revizto empowers teams to drive accountability, mitigate risks, improve timelines and maximize cost-savings by enabling real-time collaboration across platforms, model types and teams, from in-office, on-site, and any device. Revizto was released in 2011 and is leveraged by over 2,500 firms across 150 countries, including 20 of the top 25 ENR firms.

Upvio is the most seamless and efficient practice management solution, created to streamline workflows, eliminate repetitive admin time, and drive success in a digital-first healthcare ecosystem.Upvio’s solution in the healthcare industry targets healthcare providers across various specialties and organizations of all sizes. Upvio is perfect to streamline and automate various operations and processes, such as appointment scheduling, telehealth, messaging, patient monitoring, and payments. It is designed to meet regulatory requirements and compliance standards, such as HIPAA and GDPR, and offers features specifically tailored to the healthcare industry, such as automated reminders, customizable forms, full telehealth features, a virtual waiting room, and remote vital signs assessment. It is an affordable solution with easy integration and support for varying levels of technical expertise, including dedicated account managers for setup and ongoing support.

RedEye was founded in Australia in 2012 to help large complex asset owners and critical infrastructure operators improve asset safety and performance with a user-friendly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. Today RedEye has six offices globally and helps our clients manage over $350bn of assets. Our SaaS solutions are purpose-built to manage asset drawings and data, enable work on assets, and leverage 3D models to visualise and improve asset condition.Our solutions complement and integrate with your ERP, EAM, GIS and other core business systems. Solutions like SAP, Maximo, Ellipse, Infor, Oracle, Esri and SharePoint weren't designed to manage asset data. Connecting them with RedEye you can make your asset data more available, usable and valuable.RedEye's team and partners have developed deep domain and subject matter expertise delivering numerous asset data management projects and are available to share best practice knowledge, tools and processes.

Already five years ahead of the market, Saviom's innovative resource management software has become a game-changer in the project management landscape. By assisting businesses in reducing resource costs significantly and maximizing profitable utilization of resources, Saviom’s futuristic solution is helping customers deliver more projects with fewer resources.Saviom's solutions can be customized for any specific industry. Its highly configurable interface allows users to personalize the software as per business needs and individual stakeholders’ requirements. Saviom's UI and UX capabilities are carefully designed for easy navigation that helps users find the required information effortlessly without going through too many clicks. The software’s open API seamlessly integrates with critical business applications eliminating duplication efforts and ensuring data consistency. Saviom's multidimensional resource scheduler maintains a single version of the truth to enable real-time d ...

Easy to use, fully loaded digital signage software. EasySignage is a cloud-based digital signage solution designed to be simple, secure and yet full of features.

BDO is a trusted adviser to clients looking for Audit, Tax and Advisory services. As one of the world’s leading Audit and Accounting organisations, we have clients of all types and sizes from large corporate organisations to private businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals across an array of industry sectors. More importantly, we are guided by our values that are the foundation of what we deliver – IDEAS | PEOPLE | TRUST. BDO Cloud BI is delivered by BDO Tas Pty Ltd and managed by our Hobart, Tasmania office.We offer the following solutions for the following markets:- Cloud BI (SME's, Enterprise, Government, NFP) - Performance reporting/dashboards (SME's, NFP's) - Cashflow forecasting tool - Break even analysis tool - Board governance assessment tool - Project post implementation evaluation tool is a productivity suite delivering a unique blend of CRM, task management, time tracking and billing functionality. is ideal for freelancers, consultants and teams of any size who strive to achieve improved efficiency, quality and transparency. is absolutely free for freelancers and all pricing plans are capped at the cost of 11 users i.e. pay for 11 and get unlimited.