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ConfigWise is a software solution that can be used to present a digital catalog of products in 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) on an iPad or iPhone.

Using the ConfigWise Customer Back Office (CBO) web application a company can create a digital catalog of products. Each product has a model file (which is used to show the object in 3D) and product data (such as name, description and price). Product data can be extended through the creation of options such as colors and materials, which can be applied to each product, or parts of each product, independently.

Using the ConfigWise app (iPhone, iPad) a user can view the product(s), configure the product(s) (i.e. apply options to a product and see the visualisation) and combine multiple products on a canvas. The product(s) on the canvas can be viewed from different angles. When using an iOS device with AR capabilities, the product(s) can also be viewed virtually in the users environment.

When placing products on the canvas, the ConfigWise app can guide the user on how and where to place products. E.g. when combining different elements of a modular sofa (2-seat left, middle part, 3-seat right), the app can show how these elements fit together. Or when designing a kitchen, the app can show which drawer-set can be placed in which cupboard.

Because the ConfigWise software solution is very visual and contains little text, it can be easily adapted for different languages, and the initial version contains English, Dutch and Italian.

The ConfigWise app is delivered via the Apple AppStore. The ConfigWise CBO is a web application that can be accessed via any web browser. Accounts are established directly via ConfigWise or resellers.


Why ConfigWise needs a reseller program

ConfigWise is a standard product, delivered as SaaS, which can be used out-of-the-box by any company, independent of where the company is located. Therefore, the product can be marketed in any country. Because of limited marketing capacity and lack of marketing experience in different markets, ConfigWise would like to work with resellers.

When ConfigWise is going to be promoted in a new market, it may be required to adapt the app and CBO to a language that is not yet supported. In order to provide the best user experience in the target language, local knowledge (on language, culture) is needed.

What does ConfigWise expect from resellers

We expect that you are aware of the concept of SaaS solutions, and can explain this to potential customers.

We expect that you have affinity with iOS apps, including the concept of AR/VR.

We expect that you will experiment with ConfigWise, both the app and the CBO. So that you can explain ConfigWise to potential customers.

If needed, we expect that you support ConfigWise with translations of ConfigWise material (for App, CBO, website, AppStore content) in the language(s) of the market you work in.

Because you need to demonstrate ConfigWise to potential customers, you will need access to transport and an iPhone and/or iPad.

We expect that you do research to find companies that are potential customers of ConfigWise.

When you have identified a potential customer, you may want to produce customer-specific promotion material, like a "contextual lead site". You may also prepare a business case that shows how ConfigWise can contribute to their profit (with more sales and/or less costs).

After you have prepared the marketing material, you must contact the customer, explain to them the benefits of ConfigWise and try to convince them to try ConfigWise.

When appropriate, you visit the customer in person, to demonstrate and explain ConfigWise.

When a potential customer is interested in ConfigWise, you need to do all account management activities that are needed to close a deal.

The business case for ConfigWise

ConfigWise can contribute to the profit of a company in different ways.

Because the products of a company are promoted via an extra channel, the sales can increase.

Because the products can be viewed in 3D and in AR, end-users may have a better understanding of how a product fits and therefore there may be less returns.

Because it is easier for an employee to configure an order (e.g. a kitchen), the time cost of sales may reduce because the employee saves time per order

ConfigWise is provided to customers as SaaS. The customer doesn't pay development costs for the solution, but pays a monthly fee for the usage of the software. Therefore, ConfigWise is an affordable solution for many companies.

Showcase Denelli (a "contextual lead site")

The following screenshots show an example of a "contextual lead site". Based on a template, a website / presentation is created that is tailored to a certain customer (in this case Denelli).


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