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A large proportion of online businesses rely on ads to bring in revenue and help them make a profit. Ad serving software and servers provide online publishers and advertisers with the technology to serve ads, monitor the campaigns and optimize these ads both for the website owners and for the advertisers. Ad serving software vendors have been enhancing their products with functionality to help advertisers target their ideal customers and increase the conversion rates and on the other hand the online publishers to show the most profitable ads without dedicating any resources. Different types of ad serving software has been introduced from time to time, like remarketing tools, and the market will keep innovating as online spending is constantly increasing.

Below is a list of ad serving software vendors that offer a partner program and are actively looking to partner with local agencies and marketing companies to promote and sell the products to their customers.

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Somos uma empresa desenvolvedora de softwares de incentivo à leitura e ao conhecimento, que opera em totens de autoatendimento com impressão em cupom fiscal. Com nossos softwares personalizados, você pode cadastrar o conteúdo da sua empresa e fornecer informações rápidas, práticas e fáceis aos colaboradores, clientes, alunos ou turistas, de acordo com seu ramo de atuação. Para tanto, o usuário pode escolher a informação que deseja em uma tela de totem de autoatendimento e realizar a impressão com poucos cliques. Com a integração da IA, também pode-se fornecer informações diferenciadas para cada usuário, seja na realização de questões (área educacional), seja na transmissão de informações turísticas (indústria hoteleira), e em várias línguas (especialmente nas áreas turística/hoteleira e industrial).

NucleApp is a dynamic platform to build apps without the need for any programming/coding knowledge or technical skills. It helps users to create any type of app with simple and easy steps. It can create professional-level apps with equipped tools and can be used by any Android, iOS, and Web platforms for free.NucleApp has strong expertise from ‘SurveyHeart’ which is another successful company run by the Same Founder. With NucleApp, the world of app development becomes accessible to everyone. Empower your creativity and turn your ideas into reality with this revolutionary app creation platform. Start building your app today and unlock the limitless possibilities of mobile technology.

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Spendbase — a comprehensive tool that empowers companies to gain complete visibility & control over their software costs. Our service enables finance departments to track and manage software expenses efficiently, resulting in significant savings and improved spending control. Discover your actual tech-stack, gain real-time insights into software usage, and control your SaaS spending across all teams. Delegate your vendor negotiations to a team of Spendbase professionals, or simply select pre-packaged deals from our discount marketplace.

United Arab Emirates

GimBooks is an all-in-one accounting and bookkeeping software designed to empower small business owners in managing their finances effortlessly. With over 20 lakh downloads, it stands as a trusted solution for 20,00,000 plus satisfied users. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of features, allowing users to create, share, and manage a variety of financial documents such as invoices, quotations, e-waybills, e-invoices, payment reminders, and payment receipts. Its user-friendly interface ensures ease of use, while the 100% secure environment ensures data integrity. GimBooks also facilitates inventory management and generates diverse business reports, providing a one-stop solution for invoicing, GST filings, e-waybills, and over 50 additional vouchers. The bilingual support (Arabic and English) with QR code integration further enhances the efficiency of creating and sharing electronic invoices and notes on the go.

Genians (KOSDAQ: 263860), the industry pioneer in Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), provides a fundamental cybersecurity platform for building a trusted path to secure access for any connecting devices by leveraging its Device Platform Intelligence (DPI), Network Access Control (NAC), and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Since 2005, the company has served more than 3,000 customers, in organizations of all sizes and industries, including global Fortune 500 companies, the government, the military, critical infrastructure, finance, healthcare, education, and more. Genians is working to build a better security culture in the connected world by teaming up with global communities and industry leaders around the world.

ShoutOut is a simple to use automated video creation and distribution platform. Its a SaaS model with monthly or yearly subscriptions accessed from the website. We sell to enterprise such as Cisco and Sage., SME and some of the biggest events companies in the world. The process is simple 1 Build your branding template, including logo, design elements and music. 2 Send out a link to request a testimonial, social or personalised sales video. Alternately record a clip yourself via the dashboard. 3 ShoutOut will create a finished video in a few seconds ready to share on social media or send to other platforms via our api.Using AI you can create compilation videos automatically, write social posts and perform sentiment analysis on testimonial videos. We work Our USP is simplicity. ShoutOut is the easiest way to create personalised and branded videos fro individuals or large teams. Enable channel partners to personalise existing content or create their own branded ...

Why spending time, money, thinking, hiring and investing in and IT environment while you may have a senior experience in the IT, fixed payment having the IT Outsource services The Contractor IT, is about 19 years experience in the Information Technology field also in the IT Outsource provides IT services for multi-Companies levels; small, mid and large business. We provide Information Technology services for: Financial, Money Exchange, Forex, Medical, Oil, Drilling, Engineering, Construction, Furniture, NGOs and other fields. The Contractor IT mission is to cut the Information Technology cost as a specialists in the IT Outsource by representing it's customer in all Information Technology aspects, Data collecting and ERP solutions. We talk on your behalf, We make you feel confident, secure and safe.

Hazel and Ku specialize in captivating media and advertising solutions. Whether you need compelling videos or eye-catching graphics, our creative team is ready to bring your brand message to life. Our IT services are efficient and secure, with seamless network setups and reliable cybersecurity measures. We make sure your technology infrastructure stays solid and safe. Hazel and Ku also offer strategic consulting and project management support. Our experienced consultants will give you tailored guidance on improving operations and productivity in your organization.

We're reaching out to you from Mobifly where we specialize in optimizing operations through cutting-edge service integration and L2/L3 support solutions to startups. Our mission is to help startups to achieve significant improvements in key performance metrics.Here's how partnering with us can benefit the companies that you are associated with:1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: 2. Operational Efficiency: 3. Cost Reduction: 4. Scalability: 6. Focus on Core Competencies:Our comprehensive services encompass:Custom Software Development Cloud Transformation Identity Management Process Automation Artificial Intelligence System Integration Tax Technology Block ChainWith development centers in Gurugram, Gujarat, Pune, and Hyderabad (with plans for expansion), we have the capacity and expertise to meet your unique needs.Regards, Geetanjali

Founded by IIT Bombay & IIT Delhi Alumni, forBinary is a unique mobility cum engagement platform for organisations catering to the next billion internet users. It helps organisations like small & medium businesses, educational institutions, govts, communities etc. simplify their communication and processes through their own custom high quality mobile application(Android, IOS, Website, PWAs) with interactive features and local functionalities (PWA, Vernacular languages, Offline first, local integrations etc). forBinary is already trusted by 6000+ clients in 25+ States who have successfully created & are managing their own mobile solutions (with 500K+ App users) for use-cases like Sales Management, Customer engagement, Internal communications, Selling products, Tracking field staff, Managing employees etc.

Clocktos, a distinguished software development firm, has a rich history of serving Japanese businesses in diverse fields, including integrated Wi-Fi applications, ERP, and e- Governance Technologies. With an impressive track record in Japan, we have now set our sights on the Indian Educational ERP market. Our journey began by establishing a state-of-the-art software research and development center, coupled with a robust support hub. These centers act as the beating heart of Clocktos, where our dedicated team of skilled software engineers relentlessly innovate to provide the highest-quality customized solutions and services tailored to the unique needs of the Indian ERP industry.

Optimus is a web technology platform which manages the medical, operational, and financial information of healthcare organizations according to medical international standards. Designed upon International standards such as US ONC for Health IT, HIPAA, Medicare, NHS, HIMSS, SNOMED, HL7 and similar standards High-End Technology for data integrity, stability, high availability, scalability and security. Streamlines information flow through the complete automation of paperless processes User-friendly interface to simplify the critical work of the staff members Designed upon International standards such as US ONC for Health IT, HIPAA, Medicare, NHS, HIMSS, SNOMED, HL7 and similar standards High-End Technology for data integrity, stability, high availability, scalability and security Streamlines information flow through the complete automation of paperless processes User-friendly interface to simplify the critical work of the staff members Designed ...

Infrascale: The most trusted data protection provider.Founded in 2011, Infrascale provides comprehensive, cloud-based data protection by delivering industry-leading backup and disaster recovery solutions. Infrascale removes the barriers and complexity of secure, offsite data storage, and standby infrastructure for real-time disaster recovery by equipping customers with the confidence to handle the unexpected.

SAP SolutionsEmpower your business with SAP Solutions tailored for the utilities, manufacturing, and retail industries. Streamline your operations, optimize your resources, and drive growth with our innovative solutions.RPA SolutionsSimplify your business processes and boost productivity with our cutting-edge RPA Solutions. Automate repetitive tasks and let your employees focus on higher-value work.AI SolutionsMaximize the potential of your business with our AI Solutions. Our customized solutions are designed to help you streamline your operations, enhance your decision-making, and drive growth.

KernelApps PVT LTD (Kernel Data Recovery) is a leading software company providing data recovery solutions for enterprise as well as individual level. Incepted in the year 2004, this company has constantly followed international quality standards and is committed to offer best solutions from corrupted or inaccessible files. Kernel range of products includes email recovery, email migration, cloud migration , backup recovery, monitoring solutions, and much more. Apart from all these products, many free tools are also offered by the company for extended support. The Company has constantly improved it standards by updating products and also introduced new recovery solutions. The continuous efforts of the company have been widely applauded and it has managed to win accolades by many other leading organizations.

We manage the mission-critical IT infrastructure at Checkmate global technologies that keep operations flowing.Software development, Cloud DevOps infrastructure, IT staff augmentation and digital transformation strategy are major solutions offered by Checkmate Global Technologies. We are an ISO-certified, CMM level-3 recognized company with offshore software experts working full-time in startups and other corporates in India, the US, and the UK. Checkmate offers quick and flexible inventive solutions on a global scale. Our ability to adapt to our customers' needs throughout their business IT expenditures is made possible by our cutting-edge technology, a sizable partner network, and top-tier technology expertise.

Founded in 2007 as MediaWire Technology Inc., we were part of the digital publishing wave, delivering digital replicas for magazine, newspaper, and other publishers. Through many successful years working with document formats of all types, we became familiar with the need to extract content from files that were not machine-readable. Interestingly enough, this lead us to enter the accessibility industry, becoming versed on the requirements for WCAG compliance and other accessibility guidelines, and what this really meant for people with disabilities. We decided to dedicate our technology towards a higher purpose, and through this InclusiveDocs was born.

At SMSCloud Hub Enterprises enjoy better customer engagement through a cloud-based platform with global connectivity. We provide world class Hub connected with Network Operators, Global Hubs, Aggregators & Enterprises to make it easier for our customers to transact and communicate with their clients – wherever they are in the world - all in a fast, secure and reliable way. We empower businesses to engage with the world through variety of channels making their communication conversational, more personalized, fun, meaningful, and with ease. With an innovative suite of Cloud based solutions, WebPanels & APIs, SMSCloud Hub delivers communication solutions that have been useful for almost everyone around the world.Our portfolio includes Application to Person (A2P) SMS, 2-way messaging, CPaaS Platform (SMS, Voice, Video, Chatbots, Analytics) and EDTech ERP. Our services allows our clients to remain connected to their clients 24x7 with reminders, alerts, promotions and loyalty. W ...

Vision ERP, SFA & CRM is a cloud enterprise solution for small and medium organizations. Proteus Technologies was founded in 2013 as an associate company of Base Information which had a proven track record in providing enterprise solutions since 2000Proteus Vision,is a cloud based business management solution to the Mid to Small industries that includes Vision ERP, Vision CRM, Document and collaborative solutions powered by AI.Vision is a highly scalable solution that provides SME users with enterprise-class functionality. It includes industry templates for pharmaceuticals, life sciences, textiles, engineering, food and beverages, and fast moving consumer goods. Implementation in a matter of days rather than months

We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction and strive to build lasting relationships with our clients. Our team works closely with each client to understand their business, target audience, and marketing objectives, and then develops and implements a customized marketing plan to drive results.

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ECORN is an eCommerce agency and Shopify Partner agency for fashion and lifestyle brands.Our professional expertise is eCommerce and Shopify Development in Fashion, Cosmetics, Beauty, Accessories, D2C FMCG and CBD.We serve clients around the world with high-end solutions with a focus on details, responsive design, and brilliant UX. Our mission is to assist you to build eCommerce unicorns!

CyberSiARA is a cyber security company specialising in advanced AI and Bot management solutions. Account takeover and credential stuffing attacks are among high-rise cyberattacks which can lead organisations to pay huge ransoms to cyber criminals. CyberSiARA invented a novel AI solution based on human Trans-Saccadic memory that can distinguish between man and machine. Our novel solution effectively protects customers’ accounts and data privacy.

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Cyber security software vendor. Check our profile for more details.

Spoors is a company that specializes in building mobility solutions for businesses. Their team is composed of creators and innovators with a wealth of experience in this area. They offer DIY solutions to help businesses with their digital transformations, making the process smooth, fast, and easy. The goal is to relieve businesses of the need to worry about coding.

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Raptor Power Systems is focused on crypto mining power - we manufacture the equipment that runs the power for a crypto mine. You can get the custom PDU & UPS here for commercial use.

At Techy, we understand that your phone is the lifeline to a lot of your daily tasks. So, when your phone is not functioning correctly because of broken charging ports, water damage, or cracked screens, you can depend on Techy for your cell phone repair. Our skilled technicians are here waiting for you to get your phone operating at its best again. Drop by to get your phone repaired today at our Inside Walmart shop located inside Walmart.

Established with the aim of eliminating one of the largest security breaches in cyber security for companies worldwide.There is a shortage of user acceptance for additional authentication solutions. The question arises from the point that existing approaches are not user-friendly or easy to use. That's why, we at Cybernexa aspire to establish a global norm of mobile authentication-a protection which secures users data and does not affect customer experience. Who We Are We Innovate Strong Security Products And Solutions That Offer The Best Authentication Appropriate For All Sectors. Cybernexa is a Global Information Security company providing innovative security solutions and cybersecurity compliance services. With strong focus on Research & Development, we are committed to provide innovative solutions and services which address current security requirements of mobile-centric world. What We Do We provide Strong Mobile Centric Out of Band(OOB) Authentication and auth ...


Simple-Simon:Are you looking for reliable job sheet software? We are happy to tell you why you should choose the digital job sheet app from Simple-Simon! Are you, as an entrepreneur, still looking for a suitable solution for your planning, time registration and material management? Then you have come to the right place. Simplify your work process with the job sheet software from Simple-Simon. With thousands of users in different countries, Simple-Simon is the market leader in digital job sheets. With Simon’s job sheet app you save time & costs, and also increase the quality! This can be done very easily on desktop and your favorite smartphone or tablet. Save time today and work even more efficiently by using Simple-Simon’s job sheet software.

Cyber Security Operations Consulting (CyberSecOp) is an innovative US-based cybersecurity consulting services firm providing cybersecurity consultants and managed security services, empowering businesses since 2001. Cyber Security Operations Consulting has headquarters in New York, NY, and Stamford, CT in the United States of America (USA). CyberSecOp is ranked top 2 by Gartner Peer Insights. Additionally, Cyber Security Operations Consulting is a CMMC-AB RPO & ISO 27001 Certified Organization.Cyber Security Risk Management, Third-Party Risk Management, Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing, Employee Security Training, Awareness, Data Privacy Program, Security Program Development, Business Continuity Plan, Incident Response, and Forensics Services are all part of our cyber security consulting program.Cyber Risk Assessment and Risk Management Cyber Program Design & Program Management Develop Policies and Procedures Cyber Security Strategy and Governance ...

Thank you Check our profile for more details.

About Us:CallHippo is an intelligent, cloud-based business phone software that allows companies to make calls over the internet rather than traditional analog phones. It has features like call transferring, conference calling, private and shared voice message boxes, power dialer, and Multi-Level IVR which helps boost productivity. We have services in over 80+ countries with the capability to make and receive calls in 190 countries across the globe.Here is sneak peeks into CallHippo’s business phone system’s impressive features:Call Analytics: Get a complete view of your customers’ journey, make informed decisions & optimize your sales process. Call Transfer: Redirect a connected call from your phone to a team member’s extension & help your customers connect to the right person in no time. Call Recording: Record your incoming and outgoing calls & analyze your team’s productivity. Leverage the recording to enrich the training of new agents. Global Connect: En ...

Insights-led customer engagement platform for the customer-obsessed marketers & product owners.


StarX VPN is a service designed to provide security and tunnel encryption to data between the corporate or private network and the remote user. StarX provides VPN service with over 40+ servers in strategic locations. The application works on all devices. StarX VPN is unique because of the effective data security

Create AI videos by simply typing in text. Make engaging videos for e-learning, customer onboarding, etc. View Products. Browse Features.

The most powerful Email-finding tool which is able to list all the Email Addresses of people who are working in a particular company.

Cyberstanc is a technology-driven company, We offer a product suite specialized in multi-stage ransomware detection utilizing self-learning-based heuristic analysis, and on the offensive side, we simulate techniques used by different ransomware groups in a safe execution environment. We are backed by Mach37(Virginia, US) while technology has accredited by AMTSO(Anti-malware testing standard organization) & the Microsoft virus initiative program. Our engine onboarded with Polyswarm & OPSWAT platform for detection of new strains of ransomware and our ransomware-based threat intel feed consume by 20+ top security companies including Bitdefender, Avira, and more. You can review one of the products from this link:

RoyaltyBusayo is a full fledge technology solutions company. We bring in future proof technological innovations, strategies and advancements to your business, organization or enterprise.

Nexetic is a reliable Finnish pioneer in cloud backup services. We secure valuable business data for over 4 000 companies on computers, servers and cloud every day.

An award-winning cloud-based integrated business suite, Deskera is changing the way small and medium businesses from various industries operate in the digital age. We made sure that our solutions address all of your pain points – from accounting to inventory, to managing your employees and vendors.

Karen app is the #1 AI powered scheduling Software, which simplifies your scheduling and reminder relating any problems. Karen lets you easily arrange meetings with customers on the fly. You can do this by sharing links to schedule with yourself or teammates, or event by sending time suggestions they can select right in the chat. When you need to pass the customer along to a teammate for the next step, Karen lets you easily pull up and share scheduling links for your teammates.

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Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that delivers real results to global business, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match. TCS offers a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled infrastructure, engineering TM and assurance services. This is delivered through its unique Global Network Delivery Model, recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development. A part of the Tata Group, India’s largest industrial conglomerate, TCS has a global footprint and is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India. Extensive industry experience ?8 of top 10 US retailers partner with TCS ?Rich experience in digital transformation across retail, customer service, analytics, loyalty and engagement ?Deep credentials in other industries increasingly intersecting with retail, including banking and telecom ?TCS' renowned experience certainty commitment95%+ return engag ...

We are major supplier of ERP solution for distributors and wholesale business. ERP Solution is most integrated, flexible and easy-to-use business software solution for r growing enterprise. It's web based offering with on-site and cloud hosting. Our solution unifies entire organization onto one integrated business software suite. The real-time flow of information with customers, suppliers and employees is made simple and efficient giving the power to optimizer business performance.We make it Simple. Does more, costs less, it's that Ximple

Video is still in its infancy - we consume 12 times more text online than video. Businesses spend 6 times more on text and image ads than video ads. 88% of commerce and listing websites only have images and text but no videos. Internet users want to consume video but businesses are not able to keep up and scale their video capabilities. Rocketium helps businesses bridge this gap with easy-to-use web and mobile products for anyone to create videos in minutes. Our automation capabilities enable the creation of thousands of videos and images in minutes, something that is just not possible with manual effort. We are the only video product in the world with Google Docs-like collaboration, analytics, automatic language translation, and many more unique features.

Pickcel is cloud based Digital Signage solution. Pickcel is very easy to use and packed with powerful features to drive any digital signage requirement. Supports hosts of signage media player like Android, Chromebox, Fire TV Stick, LG WebOS etc. Pickcel has developed Apps infrastructure to support contents like social media, news, web feeds, weather, live stream and many more. Pickcel can support both enterprise level signage for internal communication and signage for DOOH advertising.

Easy Integration, Automated Google Search and Shopping Campaigns Advertisers sacrifice time on necessary execution of manual tasks, leaving only a fraction of the workday for more valuable projects like strategy, planning, and analysis.Salesoar is the Solution The most sophisticated tool on the market, Salesoar is the missing link between your e-commerce and Google Search and Shopping campaigns. Through our innovative rule-based language, the Salesoar platform generates the most compelling and effective Google Shopping Campaign directly from your product feed, every single day.How does it work? Complex solutions made easy. After years of experience, research, and testing we have developed and simplified the tool you need to get the most out of your Shopping budget, creating thousands of product groups in minutes.Sync to your Google Merchant Center and AdWords Account. Enter a few specifications for your ad templates (budget, bidding strategy, campaign detai ...

United States

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We are a social proof company that helps in building more sales, conversions and leads for businesses

Simbound is a digital marketing simulation game, available in the form of several online simulation experiences each one with their own game mechanics. When using Simbound users of various backgrounds and digital readiness levels co-create new digital content and use the competition environment as an innovation platform to develop the online presence of various virtual companies. During that process they improve their skillset and confidence. Once constraints such as budgets or time are removed, participants are first encouraged to think creatively and then to apply what they learn to real working scenarios.The simulation has been used by Instructors from Universities from across the world. As a Simbound Instructor you can set up new simulations with just a few clicks, sit back and then watch your course attendees enjoy learning about Digital Marketing operations. Our mission supports learning by doing in a risk-free environment. The values of the Simbound brand are: transparency, ...

We measure customer experience and analyze product and staff performance, with detailed segmented analysis we help companies figure out the loops. And then empower them to engage with customers to reduce customer churn and foster better relationships.

United Kingdom

Part of Group, ContentHub is a next generation CMS (Content Management System) for editorial and website management. Allowing partners to create multi-brand landing pages and editorial content quickly and easily. Fully customisable pages and layouts integrate brands' unique key offerings with our e-commerce and content capabilities, on custom landing pages that are easy to build and scalable. Brands can also create multiple editorial features, all in one place. Fully customisable and extensible, with in-edit functionality, managing multiple editorial features through the platform. Built with advertising front of mind, ContentHub allows brands to easily integrate IAB and Native Ad formats and is synchronised with DFP. Upon request, we can add traffic ads for clients on a revenue share model.Key Features; Zero Technical Skills A major advantage of ContentHUB is the customizability of elements to fit your needs requiring ZERO Technical Skill.Multi-HUB U ...

Full Service Mobile Marketing company offering the Strategy, Ideas, and Tools in order to create and implement successful Mobile Marketing Initiatives. AvidMobile can help you build your SMS subscriber lists and market to your customers with SMS Campaigns, Coupons, Contests, Loyalty Programs, and Mobile Sites.

Take your software platform, business or nonprofit to the next level. Single-source API. Seamless integration. Mobile swipe. App. Client support. & more.

Many businesses have specific needs for remote fleet management. EagleiGPS created a fleet management system with these requirements in mind, including service delivery to remote areas, asset management, safety, theft prevention, increased profitability and much more!EagleiGPS provides accurate GPS tracking and real time fleet monitoring. By installing GPS devices in your vehicles, you can keep track on location and the driving behaviour of your employees at any time. Within minutes of installation, the GPS modem is activated and the location is tracked through built-in geo-location, immediately recording data on the vehicle’s speed, idling times and distance of trips. Reduce your service vehicles downtime by gaining access to the diagnostic information, identifying check engine light codes or planning for preventative maintenance.Managing a fleet has never been easier through our extensive Management solution, providing you a visual overview of each vehicle en route to their ...

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Ptmind Check our profile for more details.

Create bots for your business. The only bot platform with 100+ integrated modules & services. Bots work in Messenger, Slack, SMS & Telegram.

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TimeClick®In 1993, we released our first commercial version of TimeClick®, formerly known as TimeKeeper. In 1996 and 2000 we did a major re-write of the program making it faster and easier to use. This new version included dozens of user requested features. We are committed to continually improving and keeping TimeClick at the forefront of time clock software. Mission StatementOur mission is to develop and market a portfolio of software applications that will benefit individuals and businesses. We are focused on providing vital applications in the area of data management and record keeping.We are proud to offer you leading software applications. Our products are designed to improve and simplify your records management and our staff is committed to providing first class technical support and service as you begin your relationship with us.

Leadenhancer provide solution for web visitor identification, lead enhancement, IP-based B2B targeting. Leadenhancer has an huge database with identified businesses that can be used for segmentation and targeting for CRM/ERP, market automation systems, adservers etc. Leadenhancers services can be integrated and offered as part of your solution. Leadenhancer Visitor analytics identifies the visitors on your website and makes the information available in your Mail Marketing system, CRM system or through reports of your choice.Leadenhancer is an ideal solution for proactive sales and marketing professionals that want to work efficient.

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