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PureSight is a world leader in online child safety products and technology. Typically we partner with ISP & Carrier for providing a co-branded version of PureSight’s products as VAS services to their Subscribers.

PureSight products’ portfolio include:

? PureSight Mobile APP for Child android based Smartphone & Tablets, as well as for iPhones and iPads.

? PureSight for Child personal computers product.

For the parents, PureSight providing easy to use "Parent's APP" (both for Android and iOs) as well as web "Parent Portal" that allows parents to proactively being involved with their kids online activities at any time from everywhere.

From functional perspective PureSight solution provides:

? Social Media monitoring & protection

? CyberBullying prevention over Facebook chats, feeds and Instant Messaging / Chat tools

? Smart, real-time dynamic filtering of inappropriate content

? Online time management

? Location tracking, and;

? App recommendation & management

PureSight solution is built to be delivered as OTT services by Carriers and ISP with minimal integration effort and with extend branding option, at each of our Telco partner’s sloe election. (In addition we can offer PureGate – a platform for delivering PureSight service via Residential Gateways covering the entire internet access from home)

For the last 4 years in a row PureSight scored the highest overall score from European Commission Safe Internet Program (SIP) benchmark for parental control tools. http://www.sipbench.eu/phase6.cfm/action.ranking

Since 2009 highest ACMA certification (3 stars), from IAA Program, Australia, and since 2014, certified by the Australian Communications Alliance. http://www.commsalliance.com.au/Activities/ispi/fff

We are convinced that PureSight services can be extremely attractive and generate high demand from parents that keen to keep their kids safe while being online.


PureSight is changing the way people think about online child safety - sign up now for PureSight’s Affiliate Program and make money selling Puresight.

Affiliates who chose to promote PureSight on their websites are entitled to earn a commission for every PureSight product purchased at PureSight’s e-store by a customer redirected from their website. Becoming a PureSight affiliate adds income and credibility to your business, while adding value for your customers.

How does it work?

To become a PureSight affiliate, all you need to do is:

Sign up for the PureSight Affiliate Program via the element 5 platform for online purchasing and payments.

Once you sign up for the Affiliate Program, you need to be approved by PureSight (PureSight will generally not approve websites containing inappropriate materials such as adult, racist, or illegal content).

Once approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail saying than you can start promoting PureSight’s products on your website.

Download the extensive PureSight affiliates marketing package on the right hand side of this page

Bottom line - how much will I get?

PureSight’s standard commission rate for affiliates is 20% from the end user before tax price. PureSight affiliate program will gain you commission for every future renewal of your customers. As long as the end user keeps renewing his PureSight license you, as an affiliate, will keep earning royalties.

Example: PureSight basic package - for 3 multi-devices - is $40, so you can make up to $8 for each purchase, by simply implementing a banner on your website!

- See more at: http://www.puresight.com/PureSight-Partners/become-a-puresight-affiliate-puresight.html#sthash.siKQVQ2U.dpuf

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